Assamite, Brujah, Toreador

1. Alacrity Your reflexes are finely honed. Even as you watch others act, you can spring into action, completing your movements before they can respond. You can gain the ability to preempt any physical actions taken against you, as long as you are aware of them (face to face mugging - yes; sniper attack - no). Also, for example, if someone declares an attempt to pull out a hidden weapon and shoot at you, you can preempt that action to pull out your own gun and fire back (instead of being regulated to dodging). (The ability to use your reflexes to block or react to other's reactions)

2. Swiftness: With shocking speed, you move faster than humanly possible. Even as others are recovering from events, you are making your next move. For example, you can swing a sword twice, run twice as far as normal, fire a gun then duck behind cover, or otherwise perform multiple feats.

3. Rapidity: Even other Vampires are dazzled by your superhuman speed. You routinely catch dropped objects and the speed of your passing whips clothes and loose debris about. Declaring Rapidity, you can perform actions where speed is of the essence, such as dodging an attack, throwing a knife or grabbing something out of someone's hand.

4. Legerity: Moving faster than the human eye can track, you blur across the landscape with the speed of a cheetah. Is this just a more advance form of Swiftness?

5. Fleetness: Calling on this discipline, you burst into a whirlwind of motion. Your passing extinguishes small flames, whips up flurries of debris and confuses slower moving entities. Using Fleetness, causes you to perform all actions with the utmost speed.

6. Projectile: Despite the fact that a Vampire with Celerity moves at incredible speeds, by some quirk of metaphysics any bullets he or she fires or knives they throw while in this state don't move any faster than they normally would. Scientifically minded Kindred have been baffled by the phenomenon for centuries, but more pragmatic ones have found a way to work around it. Projectile enables a Vampire to take his preternatural speed and transfer it into something he has thrown, fired or launched.

7. Flower of Death: In combat, speed kills. A proper application of Celerity in combat can turn the meekest Cainite into a walking abattoir. How much more deadly, then, is a Vampire with the ability to utilize his preternatural speed to the utmost in combat? The answer to that question is "Rather a lot". Flower of Death allows a Vampire to take his or her Celerity and apply it to each hand-to-hand or melee attack he or she makes. Flower of Death is limited only to hand to hand combat or melee weapon attacks. Firearms, bows and whatnot are excluded. Flower of Death is not cumulative, although it can be invoked as many times as one wishes. The consecutive attempts at invoking Flower of Death are pointless because the Celerity bonuses have already been achieved.

Zephyr Zephyr produces an effect vaguely similar to ones of the legendary cominc book style uses of enhanced speed, allowing it's practitioner to run so fast he can run across water (he's moving so fast he doesn't have time to sink). Particularly successful applications of Zephyr allow a Vampire to go so far as to run up walls and, in one recorded instance, across a ceiling, though the latter is more of a parlor trick than anything else. Unfortunately, Zephyr requires such extremes of concentration that it cannot be combined with any form of attack, or indeed, with most any sort of action at all.

Some Other Levels of Celerity or Descriptions

6 Projectile (GC) Enables a vampire to take his preternatural speed and transfer it into something he has thrown, fired, or launched.

6 Mercury's Arrow (Dark Ages Companion) This level lets vampires hurl arrows and daggers with fearsome effect. Assamites are especially adept at this technique. Requires one blood point.

7 Flower of Death (GC) Allows a vampire to take his celerity and apply it in full to each hand-to-hand combat or melee attack he makes.

7 Sanguinary Wind (Dark Ages Companion) Using this level, vampires move like whirling dervishes reacting to their enemies' movements before the enemy has moved. 2 blood points to activate. Once activated it remains functional for the duration of the scene.

8 Zephyr (GC) Allows a vampire to increase his speed to the point he can run across water or run up walls.

8 Resist Earth's Grasp (Dark Ages Companion) The speed at which they are able to run allows vampires to scale buildings or cross water without sinking. Must be able to scale the building or cross water without stopping. The vampire can move 5 feet vertically up or 10 feet horizontally for each level of celerity that she possesses.

(The Dark Ages versions of Celerity are similiar to modern age versions)