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10/30/01: Not much new...ohhhhhhh...check out the animation (get their from the bar at the top of the screen)...send me complaints and I might see about getting a version for the page itself...

10/17/01: Those of you that have visited the site in the last few days (if anybody) would have noticed that all this crap was gone and a sory attempt at a shameless plug was in it's place...well that is fixed now. You can read all the garbage that you read before.

By the way, that shameless plug was one for Flyer: The Game (by HEX Entertainment)...I wanted some bonus points. Until I can get the plug to work you can just visit their site at hexgames.com...thank you and enjoy.

10/2/01: Well…a few new things…I deleted all of the people form the People menu unless the had already given me a profile…to date the only one is Quake…it’s not much but you might take a look…
…If you don’t like it you can do one of five things (depending on your status):
1. If your Hasgothian, you can beat him up for it (recommended)
2. If your Numenorian, you can beat him up next time were there (If I get any replies for this, I will be sure to get that Current Events up and running…I’m in the contacts page)
3. If your neither you can mail him or subscribe him to porn, spam, and other annoyances at: icequake26@hotmail.com
4. If your non aggressive…leave, not welcome here
5. …I forgot what number five was…

By the way…HASGOTHIANS I NEED YOUR PROFILES…as you can see by Quakes example (and this page) you don’t need to know ANYTHING about html to do a simple page.


Sept 25, 2001: Well, I found the time to work on the page some more (obviously)…some of the new updates include:

The Pictures/Fighting at Home page is up.
You can now reach Rham and I (Phaige) through the Contacts at the top of you screen.
Some spelling corrections that were pointed out by a Numenorian.
You can now download the waivers instead of having to get them in person (god forbid you go outside every once and a while)…and…
…well…that’s it.

Things to look forward to:

Some of the Profiles section…(I can't put online what the fighters don’t give me)
I might put a calendar up detailing what we will be doing for the upcoming months.
A link FROM the Dagorhir main page.
And more fun stuff from your friends at Hasgoth.

Sept 23, 2001: I, Phaige (your new webmaster), plan to create a beautiful work of art for all you Dagorhir fanatics to debate, cry, and loose sleep over. That work will be this webpage.
However, these things take time. The only working link at this time is the Pictures/other link...none of the people have profiles but those should be coming along pretty soon. You're welcome to try whatever you want though.
Time is rather short right now so the production might be a little slow...but it will be done. Feel free to email me with any ideas on what should be done at
....send deaththreats elsewhere.

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