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Society Eternity

Here are the Back Issues of Vox and Radio Eternity, and the links for Society Eternity, Precedence and the Immortal Lists Archives (Thanks, Joel!).
I make no warantee about the condition of thse items, they are provided "as is," buyer beware.

Please note that some of the early Radio Eternity Brodcasts are found in the Vox, before they became a separate issue.
There have not been any new issues of these since Second Edition came out in 1999. If anyone is interested in doing them again I am willing to provide space here for them.
Note on File naming convention - these are named a bit different from the original files for ease in sorting.
Vox issues:
Radio Eternity Issues:
The Peri PDF version has been added, the file is fairly large.

Immortal Links

Back Door into the Society Eternity Fan Club Site
Precedence Home Page Archives (Immortal E-mail lists)
Web Book: 2nd Ed. Book 2, The War Book
Web Book: 2nd Ed. Book 3, The Book of Banes
Peri Pride Book, PDF file

Vox Back Issues Zip Files

January 1995
July 1995
October 1995
December 1995
April 1996
April 1997
June 1998
October 1998
December 1998
January 1999
March 1999
May 1999

Radio Eternity Zip Files

October 1998
December 1998
January 1999
March 1999
May 1999
July 1999
September 1999

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