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The King is on Quest, Ozy and his court
Mini Quest: L-R Mart, Ozy, Wraith (behind Ozy) and Grey.

ARGFest Mini Quest
Mini Quest: L-R Wraith, SpaceBass, Lazarus, ScrappyDoo,
Gupfee and Aliendial.

Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe
Lunch Saturday at the Hard Rock Cafe: L-R Cabal, ZMaiden,
Diandra (behind ZM), LazarusLong, Konamouse, Konashark,
Aliendial, Sunny DuPree.

Universal Saturday Morn
Universal on Saturday: L-R: Lazarus, Konamouse & shark,
Cabal, ZMaiden, Aliendial.

On the Earthquake ride: Laz, Aliendial, ZMaiden.

ARGers on the move
On the move: L-R: Konamouse & shark, Cabal, Diandra,

Laz and ZM
LazarusLong and ZMaiden

Universal Group shot
Universal Saturday Morning: L-R: LazarusLong, ZMaiden,
Diandra, Konashark, Cabal, Konamouse, Aliendial.

Drinkery at Pat O'Briens
City Walk - Drinkery at Pat O'Brian's the end of the
Mini Quest: L-R: SpaceBass, Gupfee, Grey, Aliendial,
Cabal (behind AD), Diandra (behind Laz), LazarusLong,
Sunny Du Pree, Dparadiso, ScrappyDoo and Mart's hair.

Laz and Bill
Dinner Saturday at Hell's Kitchen: Lazarus and WB (Bill)

Hell's Kitchen at the Hard Rock Hotel
Dinner Saturday: Foreground: Bill, Scrappy, Aliendial.
Background: Sunny, Mart, Mr. Pated (Addle's Hubby),
Addlepated, Diandra (behind AD).

Gup give the sign of the times
Gupfee giving the sign to Imbri, Bill and Sunny.

More from Dinner: L-Rat table: Konashark, Addlepated,
Mr. Pated, Sunny, ZMaiden. Standing : Diandra and Laz.
Seated at the other table those who shall remain nameless.

Oh the Horrors!
Ozy is horrified at the fact that ZMaiden
and Mart are not paying attention to him.
Ozy, didn't you get enough attention at
the Copper Rocket for your smooth
Dance Review?

Glee Club!
L-R: Grey, WB, Gupfee, Wraith, Mart, Diandra.

D, J and S.
L-R: Cabal, ScrappyDoo, and Spacely.

Holiday pictures
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