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The Dude hits some black-gold

Scotty Schumaker, Tracie Schumaker, Rachel Beihler

Go for it, girls! You'll never see any of these people again.

Anne Clark & Erin Treanor

The only good Frenchies are dead Frenchies

Jim ??? & Brenda Crittendon

Stand back! Female body inspection in progress

Hope Cunha, Debbie Sussman

Having a drink in my robe with Awesom-O before the ceremony

Brian "Snoop" Hufstater, Jonathan Vick

No gay blade on this Zorro

Stacy Irving & Vincent ???

Mind if I take a sip?

Stacy Irving & Brenda Crittendon

And everyone thought that I would be the one with the inflatable bride!

Ben Keyes

You can't hide behind those feathers, Joyce! We all know who you are!

Thomas Edwards, ???, Joyce Webber

Mommy takes a turn carrying the garden gnome

Emily Thorpe & Ashton Thorpe

The Thorpe Family

Jeremy, Emily & Ashton Thorpe

Our baby is cute, too!!

Jonathan Vick & Gavin Vick

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