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He must have a huge ... bunsen burner

??? & Kevin Fryberger

What's in the glass? Beetle Juice!

Rob Sims

At least Bankston wore clothes this time!!

Chris Bankston & Jason Rush

Stand up straight, Tommy. Your muscles are wrinkling

Brooke Ratti & Tommy Pikul

The payoff

James Donmoyer & Tim Beihler

Mrs. Lovett offers a meatpie to Uncle Fester

Tommy Schwanfelder & David Kozen

Rik Mc's shadow looks a lot like Ben Fontenot!

Ben Fontenot & Rik McDaniel

I shook her up and threw her against the wall, but all I got was snake-eyes.

Alis Nicholson

Bridesmaids? Not even if you paid them!

Hope Cunha & Holly Gatlin

Laugh for us Roy!

Roy Micheladies

A whole bunch of geeks (dressed as Seymour)

Tony Whitten, ???, Scott Silson, Shaunathon Horton

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