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Is that Pitts hitting on my cousin?!!

???, Jessica Boreck, Catherine Krueger, Geoff Pitts, Thomas Edwards, Anita Edwards, Pam Vick

Maybe Prison Tigger will sing us a song

Erin Yaw, Justin Glover, Mark Roller

After Franklin escaped the Hall of Presidents, he stopped off for a six-pack of Amber Bock.

Brad Richard

Alice in NascarLand?

Scott Silson, Chris Pease

The bride tries to get a picture

Stephanie Vick

No fair using the Force to win at pinball!

Paul West

Why didn't Dr. Frankenstein make we with those?!!

Mikki McLeod, Kari Klein

The garden gnome has some trailer trash on his shoe

Ashton Thorpe & Jeremy Thorpe

Pretty woman dressed as pretty woman

Debbie Sussman

Recycled Speed Racer
(See 2000 halloween party pictures for original costume use.)

Elizabeth Lorenzen

Like having lunch on the Universal back-lot

Mikki McLeod, Tony Whitten, Debbie Sussman, Ben Fontenot, Michael Knight

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