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Members of the Crossed-Arms Society

Catherine Krueger, Jessica Boreck, Cathy Schuettner

Totally candid. Not posed at all.

Cary Polkovitz, Debbie Sussman, Ben Fontenot, Michael Knight

Smiles, everyone, smiles! That's perfect.

Ben Fontenot & Michael Knight

Amberleigh & Kyler Wilson ... oh, wait ... they didn't show up?!

NOT Amberleigh Wilson, NOT Kyler Wilson, NOT McKayleigh Wilson, NOT Aiden Wilson

Sorry about those sequels

Patti Walker & Tony Walker

Heehee. Look how I made my family dress for my wedding!!

Jessica Boreck, Cathy Schuettner, Catherine Krueger, Patricia Vick & Gary ???

Catholic goth

Jason Rush & ???

We could all look like this everyday if Hot Topic replace the Gap and J.C. Penney!

Christie Rees & Chris Cox

Didn't we already see this picture?

Tony Whitten

Baby got back!

Stacy Irving

Baby got front, too.
(And Roy's checking it out)

Stacy Irving

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