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They look like they just saw a ghost ... or a Vick Hallowedding

Liz Hargnett & Ian Sweetman

Tilt your heads to the left!

Chris Pease, Erin Yaw & Justin Glover

Weddings make some people feel blue

Kevin O'Brien

Awesom-O, unmasked!

Emily Van Horn, John Cropp, Brian "Snoop" Hufstater

Tried to walk through the screen. Broke it. Went back for another beer.

Tina Fitzpatrick

Ben Keyes, ???, Jason Stanley

You will never find a more wretched hive of dorks and goonery.

Justin Cooper, Shaun Horton, Rik McDaniel

Party group

Mikki McLeod, Tracie Schumaker, Ana Cabrera, Kari Klein, Kevin O'Brien

"And then I'd turn Eisner around and put my foot ..."

Rik McDaniel

I've never seen anyone on Trading Spaces wearing WDW basics!!

Niki Moffit, Debbie Sussman

"Baby Ruuuuuth!"

???, Billy Horne

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