The Goddess

Adsagsona: Continental Celtic goddess commonly known as the "Weaver of Spells". In Celtic lands words were power and finding the right words was a magickal act.

Aphrodite: In the ancient days, it was said, the old heaven-god Uranus was castrated by his children, the Titans; his penis fell into the ocean and ejaculated a final divine squirt. The sea reddened where it fell, and then the foam gathered itself into a figure: the long-haired Aphrodite riding on a mussel shell. She is the goddess of love and sex. A personification of physical beauty. 

Arianrhod: Welsh goddess who's name means "silver wheel"  who lived on a magical island. Full Moon Goddess, Sky Goddess, Goddess of reincarnation.

Artemis: Virgin Huntress; goddess of wild places and wild things; the Huntress; Maiden; Bear Goddess; Moon Goddess; Hunter of Souls; shape-shifter.

Athena: Goddess of wisdom.

Bast: Egyptian cat goddess.

Brigit: Earth Goddess who is also Goddess of Knowledge and Poetry. Protector of women who is also known as Dana, Don, Ana, or Danu. She is then the mother of the Gods.

Carman: Powerful Irish witch who could destroy anything she chose with her secret spells.

Cerridwen: Welsh goddess who brewed magick in her cauldron and was knowledgeable of the secrets of plants.  Also a shape shifter, she could change her form at will.

Circe: One of the most famous mythic Witches who lived on a magical floating island in the middle of the ocean (Aeaea) surrounded by wild animals who did her bidding. With her magickal herbal mixtures she was able to turn humans into animals when they deserved it.

Dahut: Passionate magickal princess who lived in the westernmost part of France who built the worlds most beautiful city with the help of the faeries of the sea (the Korrigans).

Demeter: Greek Goddess of harvest and fertility.

Diana: Goddess of the wildwood, Lady of beasts, Moon Goddess.

Eos: Goddess of the dawn.

Epona: Celtic Horse Goddess.

Eris: Goddess of strife and discord.

FATES: Clotho Lachesis Atropos; Three sisters who spun the thread of human destiny and cut it with their shears when they pleased.

Flora: Goddess of budding springtime, of cereals, fruit trees, the vine and flowers.

Freya: Norse Goddess of love, flowers and music.

Gaia: Great Mother, Earth Goddess also known as  Mother Earth or  Primeval Prophetess.

Hecate: Greek Goddess of Witches who was worshipped at the dark of the moon at places where three roads meet. She has been said to be able to look in three directions at once because she had three heads: serpent, horse, and dog.

Heith: The Scandinavian Witch or shaman specialized in casting spells that were so subtle that no one knew she had spoken at all, although the thoughts she desired her targets to think appeared magically in their minds.

Hekt: Egyptian frog-goddess ruled not only human magic but that of the earth as well.

Hel: Norse Goddess of death.

Hera: Sister and wife of Zeus who was the Queen of the goddesses and Goddess of marriage.

Hygeia: Goddess of Health.

Iris: Goddess of the Rainbow.

Kali: Dark Goddess, Goddess of Death,  the Crone, Mother of Karma.

Louhi: Fierce, canny Finnish goddess who was so powerful she was able to steal the Sun away from the sky and hide it in her house at North Farm. She owned the 'sampo', a magical tool that created abundance, which was stolen from her by a Finnish hero.

Marinette: Among the followers of Haitian Voudoun, Marinette is the spirit of sorcery, causing her followers to weave their arms like owls and screech. She haunts the woodlands at night in the form of an owl.

Medea: Great enchantress of Greek myth who was able to create dangerous potions that could either bring love, sleep, or death. She eventually transformed herself into the goddess of snakes.

Meroe: She was a witch of Greek legend who could bring the sky down to ceiling level, turn people into beavers, and teleport wherever she wished to go.

Morgan Le Fay: Mythical student or perhaps even lover of Merlin, who supposedly had faerie blood.

Morrigan: Celtic triple Goddess; Goddess of life, death and battle.

Mnemosyne: Goddess of Memory.

Morrigu: Celtic Goddess of death.

Nemesis: Goddess of vengeance.

Pamphile: A legendary Greek Witch who could change her shape into anything she desired, merely by anointing herself with an oil or ointment she created with her herbs. To return she bathed in water mixed with bay leaf and anise.

Persephone: Goddess of the underworld and symbol of death of nature each autumn and its rebirth each spring who was the only daughter of Demeter (Greek goddess of harvest and fertility) and Zeus.

Rhea: Wife of Cronus and  mother of the Olympian goddesses and gods Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, and Zeus.

Tyche: Goddess of fortune or fate.