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WildCat - Runner's companion and Wanderer

Name: Wildcat

Played by: Jen –

Soul Name: Chail

Gender: Female

Age: Adult, she never really got specific.

Position: Wanderer, does a bit of everything to get by on her own, knows some tanning, some hunting, some herbal lore, some tracking etc.

Physical Description: Gold waves, very distinctly formed and can either be twisted up in a haphazard knot or left loose, where it will fall to mid-back. Her eyes are a dark caramel color, up tilted and thick eyelashes set in a heart shaped face with a stubbornly pointed chin. She’s tall, but not delicate looking, lithely muscled and curved. She has a set of scars over her shoulder.

Clothing -

Warm weather: A tight laced maroon tube top, detached sleeves with thick leather enforcements near the wrists. A short pleated skirt for ease of movement and high thick leather boots for protection against the undergrowth add to her outfit.

White Cold: Her maroon tube top, with an off the shoulder longer tunic over it, with ragged wear at the sleeves and at the thigh length hem. She adds a thick heavy belt that emphasizes her small waist and keeps her own body heat in. Leggings over high, otterskin belted boots complete her outfit. She also has a mottled cloak with a heavy hood that hides most of her.

Personality: Solid and not easily shaken, she gives the impression that she’s been everywhere and done everything, but she hasn’t become bored yet. She has a keen interest in life and laughter and companionship. She appears laid back and easy going, but, she’ll kid to you, never wake her when she’s sleeping. Her eyes sparkle with vitality, but there’s something haunted that lurks behind them. Can be very playful or very serious, depending on the situation.

Likes: Being independent, finding new places, companionship to a certain point and being alone after that point, joining, river rafting, fish and beesweets, solving problems, stormy nights and the rain.

Dislikes: Feeling exposed, being embarrassed, being told off, the politics in the wolf pack, humans, days that get too damn hot, failed hunts.

Weapons: A short spear that she can use at close range or for throwing, decorated with random trinkets and feathers, also has a love for knives, she will keep a few on her at all times.

Family -

Parents: Cloud and Jackal

Sibilings: None

Lovemates: None

Lifemates: None

Cubs: None

Scars/Tattoos: Deep pale scars over her shoulder and back, old. A tattoo running up her left arm, tribal designs.

Jewelery: A few leather rings, a garter type bangle, a plain gold necklace and a circlet around her head

Magic: Weak finding, sending

History: Born to another tribe, she became a wanderer as an adult, had a few adventures she’ll share with you if you ask. She had a few run-ins with danger, almost lost her life to a wild tuft cat, which left her never without a knife and with her new name. She found Green Brook and is currently staying there for a while…