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Fire Gaze

Name: Fire Gaze

Played by: Beth Soul Name: Gali Gender: Female

Age: 231 full turns of the seasons

Position: Scout

Physical Description: FireGaze is a stunning elf. Exeptionally beautiful even by elven standards. She stands average height and has long curls of chestnut red hair. She has beautiful long eyelashes and seductive green eyes. Her entire body is completely toned and firm. She much resembles Nightfall in physical appearance.

Clothing -

Warm weather: FireGaze wears a very short green cut off top and skin tight black buckskin pants with stiches up the sides. She wears dark purple shin high boots.

White Cold: In the cold Fire gazes wears a black fur top and matching bottoms but usually covers it all with a white fur coat.

Personality: Fire Gaze is bold and fiery. She is strong and fearless. Firegaze is forceful and wild and almost as rough and tough as WildWolf. She has still not fully grown into adult hood though and can sometimes faulter and question herself.

Likes: Running and hunting with WildOne, scouting and running through the treetops.

Dislikes: The cold, being alone in the cold.

Weapons: Firegaze's favorite weapon is her bow. She is a skilled shot and her quick eyes almost always spot the first game.

Family -

Parents: Strongfoot (F) and Softsong (M)

Sibilings: Lighthand (Brother)

Lovemates: WildWolf and her have always been close but never have either made any advancements.

Lifemates: N/A

Cubs: N/A

Scars/Tattoos: N/A

Jewelery: Fire gaze has three loop earrings in each ear and an amber necklace that WildWolf gave her.

Magic: Sending.

History: Fire Gaze has lived her entire life in Green Brook Holt. She grew up in a loving family and was allowed to explore the holt and to have many advenutres. One whitecold though she got lost deep in the distant mountains. She was stuck on a cliff in a blinding blizzard for an entire night. As she grew cold and her soul tried to slip away a warm hand reached out and grabbed up FireGaze. It was WildWolf. He had been on one of his own adventures and happened to stumble across the stranded maiden. He covered her in his cloak and the he sat in the blizzard shirtless, using his body's heat to warm the hypothermic FireGaze. They sat there for two day until the storm broke. Once it did WildWolf carried FireGaze back down the mountain to the Holt. Since then FireGaze has always been close to WildWolf. She became the tribal scout after the passing of LongEyes in a hunting accident.

Bond Info

Name: QuickLegs

Age: older than most of the other wolves

Position: Den mother and former Huntress Personality: QuickLegs has mellowed with age. She is a loving den mother and a care giver to any who needs it. History: QuickLegs is FireGaze's original bondbeast. She was a lead huntress in her prime and a devoted bond beast. She knows that her time is almost gone though so she has slowly begun to distance herself from FireGaze.