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Name: WildWolf

Played By: Alex Soul Name: Drar

Age: 674 full turns of the seasons

Position: Hunt Leader, Elder and Second in command of the Holt.

Physical Description: WildWolf's appearance is as wild and free as any true wolf's. He has roguish darkred hair and long, impressive cheek fur. He has leather like skin and sharp green eyes. His kanine teeth are sharp like the fangs of a wolf. WIldWolf has one of the most stunning and perfect frames of any of the elves in Green Brook holt. He is a large and powerful elf and stands just over four feet tall.

Clothing -

Warm weather: In the warm weather WildWolf wears only a brickred loin cloth and a half vest that is really only to cuffs of fur around the arms and a strip of leather that covers his upper back. It is almost always torn and tattered though.

White Cold: In the white cold WildWolf's attire thickens as would the hide of a wolf. During the cold he is adorned by thick bear skin coats and pants with thick boots and gloves.

Personality: WildWolf is a everything a wolf should be. He is wild and untamed. He is a rough, strong personality with grit to spare. He is the type who can wrestle a full grown bear to the grond and skin it with his teeth. His only care in the world other than the Howl is the tribe. WildWolf is only levelheaded when dealing with the tribe but his mind and heart are still ruled by the intense calling of the "Now" of wolf thought.

Likes: Adventures and wild hunts and night in the furs with a beuatiful elf maiden.

Dislikes: Boredom and fear

Weapons: WildWolf is a master of all weapons but his personal favorite is his trusty short Spear.

Family -

Parents: Claw (F) WildSong (M) (Both deseased)

Sibilings: Wildfire (Younger brother) Wolf (Sister-deseased)

Lovemates: any maiden in the holt

Lifemates: none

Cubs: none

Scars/Tattoos: WildWolf is covered in battle scars and adventure wounds. He has tattooed on his right bicep a running wolf.

Jewelery: He wears a pendant of a wolf's tooth which his parents gave to him.

History: WildWolf is as wild and rough as Blue is pure and tranquil. In a great hunting tradgedy his entire family met an honorable end to the hands of the largest sharpclaw the holt had ever seen. WildWolf has always taken care of himself as he came from a family just as primal as himself. He takes great joy in primal and wolf like activities, hunting, fighting, wrestling, eating and rolling in the furs. If there is a rugged, rough, wild sport to be had chances are good WildWolf is an expert. Since Blue is often deep the woods or on a journey of hidden nature the responsibility of chieftan often falls upon WildWolf. He is an amazing chieftan who holds the awe and respect of all aspiring warriors of the holt and is a brilliant and inspiring chieftan. the only person in the entire forest who is WIldWolf's superior is Blue himself.

Bond Info

Name: Scratcher

Age: He is in his prime

Position: Alpha-male

Personality: Scratcher is as wild and untamable as WildWolf. He likes only WildWolf and will disepear to the company of himself if others are around. For some reason however the wolves of the pack adore him and go whereever he commands.

History: Scratcher is WildWolf's second bond wolf. His first being BlackTooth. While WildWolf loved BlackTooth deeply, Scratcher is WildWolf's clsest and most beloved companion. The two have been on more wild and dangerous adventures than one could count in a life time. Scratcher is completely devoted to his bond elf and will come running like a bat out of hell and even the slightest send. The bond between the two that which makes stories.