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Wildfire - WildWolf's younger brother

Name: WildFire

Played by: John

Soul Name: Tetra

Gender: Male

Age: 137 full turns

Position: hunter/warrior

Physical Description: On the shorter side of most elves, with a very compact build. Has a smooth complexion with no facial hair, but has bright red and untamed flaming red hair. It's about neck length.

Clothing - Warm weather: Tends to wear black pants and boots, with a green sash around his waist, and either a light brown vest or a dark red vest.

White Cold: Same clothes only wears fur lined jackets and vests.

Personality: A good friend to have, very protective of himself and anyone close to him. Has an incredibly fierce temper, that makes him act on the spur of the moment and be very impetious. Has a major thirst to prove himself to his elders, especially his older brother WildWolf.

Likes: Fire, fighting, having a good time, being a general annoyance to others.

Dislikes: Being made to feel inferior

Weapons: Has a double bladed ax with a red pommel stone in it. Also carries a bow and arrow.

Family - Parents: Claw (F), WildSong (M)

Sibilings: WildWolf, Wolf (sister deceased)

Lovemates: none at the moment

Lifemates: none

Cubs: none

Scars/Tattoos: none

Jewelery: a pendent that looks like the head of an arrow, that hangs around his neck.

Magic: fire shaping, and fire starting, though it is very weak.

History: The only of his family to have survived an attack by a sharpclaw other than WildWolf, he is a fairly independent elf. He looks up to his brother a great deal, as he is his only remaining family, and strives for his approval, although it can be difficult at times, with both his and his brothers temper acting on each others.

Bond Info

Name: FoxFire

Age: fairly young

Position: Lower huntress

Personality: Stubborn and proud, very much like WildFire in very way.

History: WildFire's first bond beast, they are the best of friends, and have seen each other out of many a self induced, dangerous situation.