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Played by: Johanna

Soul Name: Suen

Gender: Female

Age: 231 turn of the seasons

Position: Huntress

Physical Description: Moondance is a beautiful, exotic elf by any standards. She stands at average height with a slender form. Dark, choppy cut hair falls just below her breasts and she wears it in a varitey of styles. Her eyes are almond shaped and dark lashes line her piercing silvery violet eyes. Her body is toned and firm. (She really resembles Rahnee the She-Wolf)

Clothing -

Warm weather: Moondance wears a tattered dark green and dark tan bodysuit (like Rahnee) with light gray fur boots up to her midthigh with ties all over them to keep them up.

White Cold: Same with dark tan elbow length gloves and light gray fur tied to her arm, occasionally a fur hat.

Personality: Moondance is wild and seductive, within reason when needed. She thinks of the tribe's well-being long before her own even pops into her head. She loves to start fights and is very rebelous but knows when it is best to give in. Though still not full grown, she may change.

Likes: Hunting, fighting, teasing, seducing, howling, running with the wolves, swimming, dancing, and swinging through the trees.

Dislikes: The snow and listening to the Chief

Weapons: She loves to fight with tooth and nail but weilds a weapon, kinda like an axe. It is a long pole with a long, deadly sharp axe head attached to it.

Family -

Parents: Mouse (mother) and WideAxe (father)

Sibilings: None

Lovemates: Open

Lifemates: None

Cubs: None yet

Scars/Tattoos: None yet

Jewelery: Tight chocker around her neck with claws all around it

Magic: Sending and wolf-bonding

History: Moondance has lived her entire life in Green Brook Holt and likes it just fine. She had always mostly kept to her self but loved to rough and tumble with her agemates and anyone willing. She always did her own thing and msot of the time challenge authority, which has gotten her in a lotta trouble. Her parents were killed in a hunting accident and Moondance mourned greatly and during that hard time, she got in touch with her wolf side. She turned even more wild and often moved like a wolf, which helped in her two major skills, hunting and seducing.

Bond Info

Name: Darkwater

Age: Young Adult

Position: Beta wolf, hunter

Personality: Strong, determined wolf with an attitude. He is really gentle with cubs and such but otherwise there will be a fight.

History: Darkwater is Moondance's first bondbeast and plans on staying like that for awhile. They share the love for the hunt and wolven kind. They bonded shortly before Moondance's parents' death and stuck by her through it, it made them extremely close.