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LightHand - The healer

Name: LightHand

Played by: Jessy Soul Name: Jadzi

Gender: Female

Age: 452 full turns of the seasons

Position: Healer and advisor

Physical Description: LightHand has soft blonde hair that flows freely down her back. She has large, warm blue eyes and beautiful, full lips. LightHand is just under average height and has a small, comforting figure.

Clothing -

Warm weather: In warmer times LightHands wears light blue garments and strapped leather sandals.

White Cold: In the whitecold seasons LightHands wears thick shawls and underneath she wears thick buckskin clothing but it is covered by the massive shawls.

Personality: LightHand is calm and comforting. She is always clear and her words are full of wisdom. She is what a true healer's persona tends to be. She is loving, compassionate and a friend to even the wildest and roughest.

Likes: Tranquility, healing, tending to flowers.

Dislikes: Pain and suffering. Aggression

Weapons: If the situation demands it LightHand is quite affective with both the dagger and the bow.

Family -

Parents: StrongFoot (F) and SoftSong (M)

Sibilings: Firegaze (Sister.)

Lovemates: Bearheart

Lifemates: N/A

Cubs: none

Scars/Tattoos: none

Jewelery: Lighthand has a stunning golden pendant the Blue gave her when she became the Greenbrook Healer. In the middle of the Pendant is a perfect diamond.

Magic: Healing, Sending

History: LightHand was a tranquil and loving elf since birth. Any who held her gained a soothing sense of calm. As she grew older many of the young male elves fought for her but only one was able to win her heart. As the other male elves fought and bickered only Bearheart remained removed. He was always of hunting on his own or teaching the cubs how to wrestle. His independence and heart enamored Lighthand. Soon the two naturally came together and have been known as two of the closest lovemates the Holt has everseen. Lighthand's healing powers started to develop after Bearheart became her lovemate. Over the many seasons her healing skills have grown considerablely and she is now quite the healer.

Bond Info

Name: Frumper

Age: he is an average wolf's age.

Position: low hunter

Personality: Frumper is a lazy, fat old wolf who has little drive. Frumper loves nothing more than to bask in the sun and eat a warm peice of meat.

History: Frumper is Lighthand's third bond. Lighthand adores Frumper dearly and takes delight in his laziness. Frumper is can almost always be found napping in Lighthand's furs.