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Name: Farstep

Played by: Adoptable Soul Name: Liwa

Gender: Female

Age: 52 full turns of the seasons

Position: cub, trouble maker

Physical Description: Farstep is a cub so obviously short, yet tall for a cub. She has very short cut, fire red hair and tan skin. Farstep has a sporty and runner's build.

Clothing -

Warm weather: Tan shorts and a short cut blue top.

White Cold: Thick pants and top and a warm fuzzy hat.

Personality: Farstep can be very mischevious and tricky. She got her name for how quickly she could flee from getting caught.

Likes: Eating berries, playing in her own little world. Fighting imaginery beasts. Playing in the rain.

Dislikes: Boredom, hunger, getting caught.

Weapons: right now....a twig she calls sharpthing.

Family -

Parents: (deceased.)

Sibilings: none

Lovemates: none

Lifemates: none

Cubs: she is one

Scars/Tattoos: she has a scar on her shoulder blade, from falling out of a tree.

Jewelery: none

Magic: light sending

History: Farstep came to the holt completely by luck. Blue had been gone for several seasons and returned early one morning with a suprise. It was the infant Farstep. She was immediately taken in by the tribe and raised by all of the elves. As she grew older she became more and more mischevious. She also became more imaginative. She is often found daydreaming, talking to herself in complete babble and fighting imaginary foes with sharpthing.

Bond Info

Name: Jumper

Age: cub

Position: cub

Personality: Jumper is a happy go lucky

imaginative cub just like farstep. Together they get into all sorts of trouble. Jumper is always marching along after Farstep.

History: (preferablely that with your character. Relationship and such)