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Name: Blue

Played by: Alex

Age: uncounted turns

Position: Keeper of the Forest, Chieftan and Father to the elves.

Physical Description: Blue is from a pure blood line of high ones. He stands nearly six feet tall and has the same build and frame as any highone. He has long white hair with tints of blue silver running through his hair. His hair reaches down to his mid calves. It is kept out of his eyes by a simple blue diamond band. His eyes are soft and warm. They are filled with compassion and wisdom. All of his features are smooth and warm but still hold a handsome sharpness. His skin is light yet warm.

Clothing -

Warm weather: In the warm weather Blue wears a long cloak of an unknown material. It is light as a feather and softer than any fur. It is a soft blue hue.

White Cold: The same cloak but as the white cold approaches the hue turns a darker grayish blue.

Personality: Blue's heart and wisdom is surpassed by none. He is always calm and tranquil and loves each and every creature he comes into contact with. Blue is the very embodiment of purity and goodness. He understands the cycle of life and of the world. Everything Blue touches is instantly rejuvinated and replenished.The forest is his child and all who live their love and respect beyond measure their keeper.

Likes: Everything and everyone.

Dislikes: nothing at all.

Weapons: No one has ever seen Blue with so much as a twig. He is completely docile.

Family -

Parents: Lost High Ones

Sibilings: Other High Ones

Lovemates: his forest

Lifemates: his forest

Cubs: Any thing in the forest is connected to him.

Scars/Tattoos: none

Jewelery: only his hair keep.

Magics: Astral Projection; fire shaping; water shaping; animal bonding; rock shaping; tree shaping.

History: Blue has always been with this forest since even before the tallest trees in the forest were but seeds. He is the tender of the forest and all that reside within it. He has always been the chieftan of the elves of Green Brook Holt. He loves and cherishes them as he does anyother creature in the forest. He is connected to every living thing in the forest and is its very core and heart.