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Bearheart - The sturdy hunter - Adoptable

Name: Bearheart

Played by: Adoptable Soul Name: Pern

Gender: Male

Age: 510 full turns of the seasons

Position: Hunter and advisor

Physical Description: Bearheart's physical features fit his name. Bearheart stands a head taller than anyother Wolfrider and his entire body is thick and chisled. He has short cut, thick brown hair and short cut cheek fur. His eyes are almond shaped and a deep brown.

Clothing -

Warm weather: He wears primarily browns and blacks. He wears a black vest with brown bear skin shoulders and the typical wolfrider brown pants.

White Cold: In cold weather his dress is primarily the same only bulked up.

Personality: Bearheart is a sturdy, strong type. He is level-headed and rarely wavers from his convictions. Many admire him for his wisdom and once you get to know him, his heart.

Likes: Lighthand, hunting and sharpening his double headed axe. Wrestling with cubs.

Dislikes: Losing bets, overly aggresive or pestering elves. Rude company.

Weapons: Bearheart's favorite weapon is his double-headed ax which he keeps strapped to his back. However, he also carries a short sword and two short hunting knives close to his side. He is also known for his skill with a longbow.

Family -

Parents: Wolf (F) and WaterEyes (M)

Sibilings: None

Lovemates: LightHand

Lifemates: Lighthand is his unofficial lifemate

Cubs: none though he desperately wants some.

Scars/Tattoos: He has a massive claw shaped scar on his back from a fight with a full grown bear.

Jewelery: None

Magic: Sending

History: Bearheart's father is the elf who taught him all there is to know about the woods and hunting. His mother taught him compassion and love. He grew up as the strongest and swift cub in the holt and throughout his life has always been a leader to the other elves his age and younger elves. His sturdiness and wisdom has earned him the respect of all of his fellow elves.

When Lighthand made her move on him he was quite shocked. He had always cared for her but with all of her suitors he had never even thought about their companionship as anything more than a friendship. This is Bearheart's major fault is that he is totally oblivious to many things that others see clear as day. Espacially matters of the heart. For instance he believes that only he knows of his desire to have cubs but the entire holt knows on often call him the gentle giant behind his back.

Bond Info

Name: BoldFoot

Age: He is in his prime

Position:second in command

Personality: BoldFoot is a strong and noble wolf. He like his bond is sturdy and true. He is lethal in the hunt but warm and friendly when at home.

History: Bearheart and Boldfoot could not be any closer. Bearheart often talks to BoldFoot on long walks in the woods. BoldFoot is also known throughout the holt as the most serious and noble of all of the wolves. BoldFoot is Scratcher's right - hand wolf and is his greatest protector.