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Ayoot - The throwback

Name: Ayoot

Played by: Alex

Soul Name: Yoa

Gender: Male

Age: 324

Position: Warrior, hunter, protector

Physical Description: Ayoot is a throwback so naturally he is larger than all the other elves and covered in fur. He has masculine elvin features though and is still rather handsome. His fur is dark brown and he has piercing yellow eyes.

Clothing -

Warm weather: none

White Cold: none

Personality: Ayoot is a wild, raging wolf who lives for the hunt. He is usually very aggressive and strong.

Likes: Rough housing, eating meat and long swims

Dislikes people messing with his territory.

Weapons none

Family -

Parents: Ayaho and Yuua both deseased

Sibilings: Yippa, Ayyit, Ayoo and Ryyaaooo all deseased

Lovemates: Moondance

Lifemates: none

Cubs: griow deseased

Scars/Tattoos: a long sword blade scar on is left shoulder blade

Jewelery: none

Magic: intense sending and animal bonding

History: Ayoot was a strong warrior in his throwback tribe. He was the beta male and a proud wolf. His pack had to move with the herd it was following and they came upon the desert elves. The desert elves and the throwbacks instantly did not trust eachother and through a unfortunate turn of events war broke out and all were killed but Ayoot, WildCat and runner. Ayoot has been following the other two ever since.