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Welcome to the Website made by the girls of Np and the wanna be computer dork Molly (rollin with her laptop). On this website we've got things youve always wanted to know (and stuff you didn't) and much more interesting stuff. Because we are such cool people it is very easy to spend hours on this website. You are lucky that we have given you the oppurnity to see us at our best. You will be able to see hear our deepest darkest secrets and much much more. For those of you who want to be just like us, you will be able to know more info then the average person. Caity gives tips on how to laugh so hard that you cry, while Britni explains the best way to develop a countdown clock for that special fella. As you can see, there is much to learn on our website. Please visit us as much as possible because we love the attention.

**DISCLAIMER**: These pictures are property of the "girls of NP" any stealing of said pictures may result in removal from the country :)

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