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Secrets Revealed

Brittany Hixson admits to using allison as bb when the bb is away

Karen Klebs secretly injects fruit into her arms so she can eat them some way.

Christina Gifford admits to holding in her tourette's syndrome until it is uncontrolable

Kayse Hogan was found eatting brocilli and drinking water for breakfest, lunch, and dinner everyday.

Krysta Pettit admits to not practicing basketball as much as she says

Molly Anderson admits to waking up at 2 in the morning and eating beans on a regular basis and also admits to wanting a ghetto white trash boyfriend

Allison Fearn admits she secretly has a crush on Jono

Caity Travers admits to reading Harry Potter and playing Snood.. Kacey and Molly also admit to reading Harry Potter

Mollie Minskoff admits to NOT taking a shower EVERY second of the day