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Britni was born October 28th, although she says everyday is her birthday. She obbsesed w/ the BB and resorts to using Allison for her stories. She really likes her many pets-- Pepe and company, Chadley, the peacocks, the newts and some other things.. and MAX.. (not the detective mind you). She also likes long walks on the beach or on artifical lakes. She is Allison's allergy twin because they love to have allergys together. Allison Fearn is defintily one of Britnis favorite people in the whole world. When BH is not with Brady she loves to hang with awesomest girl in the whole world ALLISON FEARN.


Bday: 10/28 /85

Favorite Color: yellow

Favorite Music Artist: yellow

Feelings on the following:

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen:they're alright

Bug Juice: addicting, but i always seem to miss it

The Terroist atacks: never a plus

Who do you like: bb!!!

Favorite Food: steak!

Favorite Day: plenty

Favorite Animal: mmm... maybe a dog?

Favorite Type of Cell Phone: mine, kyocera i think

Siblings: brother and sister

Pets: 1 dog- max, 5 cats- pepe/oreo/chadley/mexi fry/casadia, 1 iguana- gertrude, 2 peacocks- princess/jim, 5 chickens-pharoh/teeny/big waddle the second/henrieta/chicken, 1 newt- liz, and some fish and a polywog

Britni doin what she does best.. INHALING!

Britni's "pseudo" boyfriend, Brady (BB)

Britni and BB on Prom.. aww!!

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