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BoBbY LeMmOnS CoRnEr

I was sitting with my brother on St. Patricks Day

He asked what our heritage was but I didn't know what say

So I did a little research on my own

And decided to call up my grandpa on the phone

I asked him what does it mean to be Irish, I've got to know

He said, take yourself back along time ago

I took myself back to the Mesolithic days

There stood a leprechaun to point me in the right way

He said follow the rainbow to your pot of gold

All that I want will be mine I was told

When I reached the end all that stood was a four lead clover

And I realized my short Irish daydream was already over

I was fascinated with what I had learned today

And found out St. Patricks day is better the a holiday

It is a day of fun and magic in the air

I only wish I could be over there