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Hey all welcome to my webpage thing- I'm going to try to get this thing to be cool.. but it's going to take time so bare with me. Thanks for visiting.

I added pictures.. go me

I updated the shoutouts and i added a new picture on this page (I think its pretty spiffy) .. I did changes randomly and I added a little bit here and there.. enjoy

alright, time to update. I'm not making any major changes or I'll end up deleting something I liked. So, here it is. please bear with me on it, My small mind isn't as advanced at html is. Html has to many things to remember and my mind cant remember what i did 5 minutes ago. So just bear with me. If it were up to me, I'd just think of how i wanted it to be and *poof* it would just be here. But life isnt that cool, no neat sound effects and nothings that cool. That's all for now though.. so Enjoy and please sign the guest book :P Thanks Later

Updating again... have fun with my small changes... SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!! :) bye

Added a bunch of pictures and stuff to that effect.. its kinda cool if you ask me. Talk to yall later..


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