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Final Fantasy IX (9)

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Name Zidane Tribal
Age 16
Description Dare-devil, gods gift to ladies. Member of the Master Thief Group "Tantalus." Looks upon them as brothers. He has no Idea where he comes from or, why on earth he has a Tail?! No matter where he goes, he feels out of place.
Weapon Dagger and Double Sword
Trance Dyne
Abilities Steal & Skill

Name Princess Garnet Til Alexandros 17th
Age 16
Description Like Zidane she feels out of place. She knows she is different to her mother... despite the obvious facial features. She is the only person she knows who can summon powerful beings. And she keeps on having dreams, of a storm and an eye...
Weapon Staff & Racket
Trance Eidolon
Abilities White Magic & Summon

Name Vivi Ornitier
Age 9
Description Yet another confused character, he again doesn't know where he comes from. A Skilled Black Mage he finds his magic daunting, but useful in sticky situations!
Weapon Mage's Staff
Trance Double Black Magic
Abilities Black Magic & Focus

Name Eiko Carol (Lady Eiko Garde)
Age 6
Description She thought she was the last remaining Summoner and lived alone with her Moogles for four years until she met Zidane. She gets by, by stealing from the Trolls of Condie Petie. Maybe Eiko and Garnet are related?
Weapon Flute & Racket
Trance Double White Magic
Abilities Summon & White Magic

Name Adelbert Steiner (Rusty)
Age 43
Description Well... what can I say?! Complete work-a-holic. Would obviously give his life for any of the Royal Family. Sturdy man who, even though doesn't seem too, knows what to do in a situation.
Weapon Sword
Trance Deals Double Damage
Abilities Sword Art & Sword Magic (Only with Vivi in the Team.)

Name Freya Crescent
Age Mid 20's
Description She's a Rat. lol! Nah, probably one of the all time great characters! She is a very loyal and vengeful person! Doesn't forget her friends. She lusts after her long lost love, but will she ever find him?
Weapon Lance
Trance Multi-Spear
Abilities Jump (Spear) & Dragon

Name Amarant (The Flaming Amarant)
Age Who cares?!
Description An all round tough guy! He just can't seem to understand why Zidane gets all the luck... maybe if he used his head and asked him... oh yeah his Afro replaced his Brain.
Weapon Claw
Trance Double Damage
Abilities Flair & Steal

Name Quina Quen
Age Totally Unknown
Description Is it a man or a woman? Today on FF Stone T.V. we work out just what he/she is... Joke! Wonderful little character, if you look carefully, the Qu Swamp isn't the first time we meet he/she... no no no... He/she is in the Alexandra Castle Kitchens right at the start of the game!
Weapon Fork
Trance Cook
Abilities Eat & Blue Magic