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Final Fantasy X (10)

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Name Tidus (Supposedly Pronounced Tee-dus... Bah- Humbug!)
Age 17
Details Tidus
A star and the main character of the game is a professional blitzball player in his home land of Zanknanand (This probably isnt spelt right!). His father Jecht disappeared when he was seven and Tidus hates him for it, hes a strong willed fun individual and is voiced by a guy from Futurama. The game starts with Tidus playing his 1st big tournament, suddenly the games bad guy, Sin attacks and his fathers old friend Auron appears, suddenly a bright light flashes and as auron starts to float up he grasps Tidus by the tunic and utters "This is all about you its your story...

Name Yuna
Age 17
Details Yuna
Yuna too is a celebrity in her own world, Spira. She too also lives in the shadow of her father Braska who stopped Sins last attack 10 years before, because of this Yuna feels she got a lot to prove. Hardly surprising she has a crush on Tidus (lucky him eh?!) Apparently only a summoner can stop Sin and its her mission to travelling round the world visiting temples searching for the ultimate aeon...

Name Wakka
Age 17
Details Wakka
Like Tidus he too is a professional Blitzball player and is captain of the be said aurochs. Hes a bit like Tidus and he too looks on him as a little brother. Hes really loud and get on Lulu's nerves, he too is said to become one of Yuna's guardians. He's got a really weird Caribbean accent

Name Lulu
Age 22
Details Lulu
Lulu is a black mage (mmm look at how short that skirt is!!!) she is one of Yuna may guardians and she attacks with a range of spooky dolls (of moogles and stuff) Although at the start of the game shes a bit serious she soon lightens up. As the most mature member of the group she looks on Yuna as a little sister.

Name Rikku
Age 15
Details Rikku
The daughter of Cid (hes a tribe leader) she ignores the raving of the Yheoven religion and uses technology to aid her in battles, she has skills a bit like Zidane in ff9. Rumours have it she is the cousin of one of the main characters. Shes the youngest member of the group and its said she has a fancies Tidus too. Her voice is quite annoying at first but u get used to it n I like it!!

Name Kimari Ronso
Age Unknown
Details Kimarhi
Kimarhi comes from a race of beast men. His nickname is little ronso this is because of his size compared to the rest of his tribe. He sets out to become one of Yuna's guardians, as he wants to make a name for himself.