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Chocobo Breeding Guide

All you need to know on how to get the perfect Gold Chocobo on Final Fantasy 7!

Written with great care by Emerald_flame01 ©

Chocobo Breeding

Some of the Best Items in FF 7 can only be gained through the use of a Big Fluffy Bird, AKA. A Chocobo. There are several different Chocobos, but the main aim is to get a Gold Chocobo. With a Gold Chocobo you can travel anywhere in Gaia (The Final Fantasy World)

I must recommend you only do this at end of the 2nd disc or right at the start of Disc 3. 


  1. To start, make sure you have LOADS of Gil, you’re really going to need it!
  2. Buy some Chocobo Stables from our friend, Chocobo Bill at his humble Ranch. There are six stables altogether, buy them all for full benefit, they cost a whopping 10,000 Gil each (Con-artists!) So that’s 60,000 Gil in all.
  3. Buy some “Greens” from Chocobo Bill. These are Chocobos favorite snack, I suppose they taste like Cabbage or something, anyway, buy the Tantal variety (400 Gil each) and stock well up! They are very Important!
  4. Equip the Chocobo Lure material (You didn’t sell it?! Did you?). Now it’s time to go a’huntin! You remember where you caught your first Chocobo? On the footprints outside the Ranch. These are the Chocobos hunting grounds. Walk on these tracks, and soon a fight should come up. You will know when there is a Chocobo involved because the music sounds a bit like the Sound track from “3rd Rock from the Sun.” It won’t hurt you, unless you hurt it, so it’s a good Idea NOT to use any “All” Magic. The first move you should use your Tantal Greens in the Items Menu, and give it to the Chocobo. Then attack the monsters with all you’ve got and hopefully, you will have caught a Chocobo. On the map, dismount by pressing X and choose to send it back to the Ranch.
  5. Go back to the ranch and go see Chocobo Bill. He will rate your bird as follows;


“This…is a wonderful Chocobo!”


“This is a great Chocobo”


“Mmm…this is a good Chocobo”

Not Bad

“Mmm…this one’s not bad”


“This is a pretty Average Chocobo”


“This one isn’t very good”

Kill it (Useless)

“I can’t recommend this one”


            For the first breeding experiment, you will need a Good Chocobo and an Average Chocobo. They also need to be different sex…err…yeah, there’s no same sex relations! 

  1. Now we need to go and see a mad old Man called the Chocobo Sage. So hop into the Highwind and travel to a little cove, north of Bone Village. Once you get inside, speak to the Green Chocobo in the little Stable, he generously gives you a free Enemy Skill materia. (How on earth do all the Chocobos manage to get a handy Materia? I smell dirty dealing! Anyway…) now talk to the Sage. He’ll tell you all about the creatures…all he remembers anyway. Now buy LOADS of the Sylkis Greens.
  2. Now, hop back to the Highwind and travel back to the Chocobo Ranch. Speak to Bill and ask him to put your Chocobo (s) in a stable. Then Feed the Sylkis Greens to them in Equal Measures. This will raise there Stats. Now for the fun yet highly boring part, Racing them.
  3. Fly to the Gold Saucer, or to be exact, Coral Village. Head to the Chocobo Stadium, and register your Chocobo with Delia Smith or whatever the girl who helped you earlier is called. It doesn’t matter which race you choose, only that the stakes are higher. During your race keep R1 and L1 held down, this is a little cheat that makes the Chocobos stamina go up faster so you can boost for much longer. So you won the race? Yup? Good. Win more of these races, and win until you get to class A. Now do it all again with your other Chocobo(s).
  4. Now head north again to a little point on the North Continent. Hopefully you should have managed to get a fight with a Red Dragon, steal a Carob nut from him and then…kill it. Return to the Ranch.
  5. Mate the two Chocobos and feed one the Carob Nut.
  6. You should (Hope and Pray) have a Mountain (Green) or River (Blue) Chocobo. If not, start ALL over again…’tis a hard life.
  7. You now need to get the opposite Chocobo to the one you just had. So whether you like it or not, repeat the process.
  8. Take the Green and Blue Chocobo and race them until they are A Class or Higher. You may want to give them a few more Sylkis Greens.
  9. Get them to mate, feeding them a Carob Nut. Hopefully now you should have a Beautiful Black Chocobo. Now you want a Wonderful Chocobo. Maybe you should try the Foot Prints near Wutai. Race it and the Black Chocobo until they are Class S.
  10. Now return to good old Chocobo “Knock in Shop”, the Ranch. Get the two to mate and feed them a Zeio or Carob Nut, I can never remember which. This should…hopefully…give you a shiny Gold Chocobo! Yay! If you didn’t manage to get one, well tough potatoes! You got to do it again! Wow, breeding’s so hard!