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Thank you for using RealInvaders! I hope you enjoy as much using it as I enjoyed making it. If this file does not give an answer then I am always available for you at
You can use the unregistered version for free on any type of website.

Version 1.5 Updates

Version 1.5 is now highscore enabled. The highscore technology is hosted and created by us, you do not need to modify or set-up anything for this.
When the game is over a window will open asking the user for his highscore. As a registered user you can have your personal highscore list for your website. This will be automatically created in your user directory that was given during registration. If you do not have a user directory you can always use "/unreg", which is the default directory.
Unregistered users will always have their highscores in /unreg.
V1.5 show the highscores in a small window without toolbars and adress bar. It now calls a Javascript to do this, works on IE and NS. If it fails to call the JS it will open a normal window.

Using RealInvaders

To install RI (RealInvaders) onto your website simply unzip all file in to the same directory your HTML page is in. Then copy/paste the following code between the <body></body>tags :

<applet code="invaders.class" archive="RealInvaders.jar" width="550" height="335" MAYSCRIPT>
Your browser is not Java enabled!</br>
For help please go to <a href="" target="_blank">RealApplets</a>
<param name="highscores" value="yes">

highscores : yes or no. If "no" RI will not open a window for the highscores.
Do not forget the MAYSCRIPT tag. This is needed so that the applet can run a small Javascript to open a small window for highscores.

You need all GIF, JAR and AU files in that directory. Make sure that you upload these files in Binary or Auto mode if you can choose. Some files contain capital letters, like "alien1G.gif" make sure when you upload that these capital letters are still there, otherwise the applet will not find them.

Legal Note

It is not allowed to :

  • Change or delete images
  • Change or delete sounds
  • Partially upload any of these files
You are now allowed to:
  • Claim autorship
  • Decompile the code
If you need to do any of these things please contact me at .

Written By Bavo Bruylandt.