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How long have you known this day would come?

How long have you wondered if Anyone was out there experiencing these wondrous events as you had?

What happened in your life, that brought you here, with me, right now, seeking the truth? Seeking understanding. Seeking a place of Serenity.

Being called by the inner light, your very being, the essence of your soul, you feel there is something different about you, but you may not have figured it out yet.

You have seen, mysterious things from "other realms" .

You have sensed the presence of what could not be seen.

You have felt, an enormous amount of emotion at the glance of a photo, person, or animal.

You have felt your inner energies and are ready to take control of and understand your gifts, your spirit.

Not everyone will lead their own paths, but follow the well beaten one instead. I walk my own path. A path that has chosen me.

Perhaps at times all that is needed is a guiding light, to lead you along your path.

The sisterhood will serve as your guiding light and at times your beacon in the mist.

It was hard for me to truly "live" through day to day realities as my true self. To just be and thrive. I would constantly fall and regress, for inside I felt I was alone on this path. I wasn't alive at times but merely existing.

Our energies, gifts, visions, and souls need encouragement and acceptance to grow and birth into their true ultimate beings.

I believe there is a "coming", so hard to explain in words, but I feel it. It is a little frightening, but I know I will be there. When the time comes, I will know why.

Until then, we can only prepare.

I am not worried, for I know all will be well.

I know the sisters will come.

I know they will find their home here, as if they had never intended to go anywhere else.

I know Our paths will meet, and our bond will strengthen our light.


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