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Sludge: A Factory 81 Fansite - News

- News -

September 16, 2003
A new date has been posted in the Events section! Check that out if you live in the Detroit area!

August 30, 2003
There is going to be about a week with no updates (a little over a week actually)... I am moving out of my parents house and the computer is moving about a week before I am. Therefore, I will not have any of my files to update anything. You can still catch me on AOL Instant Messanger under the name Coalkat6 sometimes. I can use my parents computer, but that means that I can't really do any website work (seriously all of my files for my sites will be about an hour away from my 'rents house). Hope you all understand and check back in the next couple weeks for an update.

August 25, 2003
Okay, I only had time to add 5 pictures to the site today. I know that is not a lot, but I am working on redesigning one of my sites and I have 3 sites total that need to have pictures put up on. Plus, I am trying to get permission to go to the F81 show on September 5th, and it's not working that well and I am moving out of my parents house starting this weekend. So, it is a little crazy right now in my life! I will get updates on here as often as I possibly can! Hope you all understand.

August 20, 2003
Sorry about the ads at the bottom of the pages... I know it makes the site look fucked up. It is not my fault... it is the fault of Angelfire and I am working on getting that changed. Angelfire did not follow the thing that I checked stating that all ads should come up in pop ups! I am pissed and I hope the problem is fixed really soon!

August 13, 2003
There is a new tour date up in the Events section. I wish I could go 'cause it is only a little over two hours away, but I will be busy moving into my first apartment that day! But maybe you can make it to the show and then you can tell me all about it.

August 10, 2003
All that is new today is 20 new pictures up! I have like almost 400 more to add though, so keep looking out for them! I know that you all enjoy pictures and I am here to provide them!

August 9, 2003
While I was sitting here at 6 o'clock in the morning, after a night of no sleep, listening to some Rancid music, I decided that it was a good time to put some more stuff on this site. So I added 30 more pictures to the site and there are tons more from where those came from! So keep checking for those.

Also, there is a new show posted in the Events section of this site. It sounds like an exciting lineup from the information site and I suggest you get there if you can! Sadly, I can't but one of these days I will be able to catch another Factory 81 show!

This is from the band... (On
After almost two years of uncertainty and political obstacles, Factory 81 have secured plans to start recording our second album this August and hope to release it by the end of the year. We've spent the last few months searching for the right record label to release the music that is honest and uncompromising to us. It was then that we decided that the best way to accomplish that would be to release it ourselves, independently and free of the major record label terms. Although it might be more difficult for us to distribute this new music world wide, we feel that it's much more important for us to record and release this album the way we intended. Most importantly, we want to thank all of the fans that have stuck with us throughout this lengthy process. We feel that we owe you an album that is representative of our growth and without the persuasion of major label interests. With your help and support we can continue to keep this music where it belongs.........

I would also like to say that I do not mean to neglect this site as much as I do, but I have 7 other sites that I run and it is a lot of work. I try my hardest to keep up with all of them and the other major site that I run is going into a down time soon, so I will have a little more time to update this one! I am so sorry for the wait all of the time, but I hope you understand that I am a busy girl! But if you have any interest you can visit my other sites by checking out Thanks!

August 3, 2003
Yes, it is true I am updating the site again! Come back soon to see what is going on here! I am working my ass off to get this back and running strong! So far I have fixed everything that was broken at one time or another, like the guestbook and message board. Make sure to check those things out!

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