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A centuries-old vampire cursed with a conscience, Angel (David Boreanaz, Valentine) has taken up residence in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Between pervasive evil and countless temptations lurking beneath the city's glittery facade, L.A. has proven to be the ideal address for a fallen vampire looking to save a few lost souls and, in turn, perhaps redeem his own.

Now airing on Sunday nights, the series follows Angel as he battles for the lives of innocents. Last season, Angel's tortured centuries-long relationship with the beautiful vampire Darla (Julie Benz, Jawbreaker) resulted in the birth of a son, Connor (Vincent Kartheiser, The Unsaid). Relishing his new role as a father, Angel was devastated when Connor was kidnapped and raised in a dark dimension from which he returned as a teenager bent on destroying Angel. Connor has already brought his father to new extremes of love and grief, and his continued presence this season will test Angel's human compassion as well as his capacity for evil.

One of the loyal friends aiding Angel on his path to redemption, Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter) has been at Angel's side since he arrived in L.A., and her visions direct the group to those in danger. Though they both resisted it as long as possible, Angel and Cordelia were about to confess their love for each other when they were torn apart by Connor's treachery and Cordelia's sudden disappearance at the request of the mysterious "Powers that Be."
For many years, Angel depended on the knowledge and intellect of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Alexis Denisof), a fallen Watcher who was tricked into helping Connor's kidnappers take the boy. Angel's rage at what he can only see as an act of betrayal led to a terrible attempt at vengeance and Wesley's banishment from the group.

Now that Cordelia has vanished, Wesley is an outcast and The Host (newcomer Andy Hallet) has departed for a gig in Las Vegas, Angel's friends have dwindled to the streetwise renegade vampire hunter Charles Gunn (J. August Richards, The Temptations) and his newfound love Winifred "Fred" Burkle (newcomer Amy Acker) who was rescued from another dimension and has become a trusted member of the group.

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