Weinerina and Peni

The adventures of Weinerina and his fantastical assistant…PENI!
“I Quit I Quit”

Weinerina is a small genetic freak that was a mishap of the Weiner Corp. who happened to have been abandoned after the company decided to make a new flavour dog with a hint of peach, but the DAMNED retard worker left the abandoned Weiner by a *gasp* tub of toxic waste! The result…WEINERINA! The genetically mutated wiener!

One fine day in Gonadville the collection of sawn of Peni that were attached by an umbilical were walking along in the “Deep South *wink-wink*” park when OH NO! WEINERINA popped out with a make shift stick knife! Peni screamed in a freakishly high-pitched way, could this have happened because Peni was a group of dis-attached genetalia? Or just that Peni was in fact FEMALE!? No that’s just ridiculous, it’s clearly the first answer. To continue, Peni shouted “What the hell are you doing you mutated FREAK?!” and Weinerina replied in a deep voice “This my fellow genetalia is a Stick up!” (Haha). Peni shrieked again but this time in disgust and said “well instead of me giving you *cough* nothing, then I’ll join your diabolical team of GENETALIA-ISH villains!”

“Weinerina pondered the matter and decided that having a batch of Peni with an umbirical wrapped around them would be a fashionably stylish idea” and so he accepted and the fearsome duo of WEINERINA AND PENI was formed.#

But then Weinerina remembered he already had a sexy female assistant called LABIA! But just then she walked past with RectumMcSpectrum and announced to the world “I QUIT I QUIT, COS LOVING YOUS JUST A JOB I DON’T NEED”

And with that she began to make sweet sweet love to Rectum right in front of Weinerina!

Cleverly Weinerina hid his emotions so that eventually some time in the near future they will EXPLODE in a crazy amount of killing and dog smelling peach…

End of Part 1.

Next episode:
The duo use an “extension cord” to steal a precious egg?!