"Brought to you courtesy, Of the Red White and Blue!"

One can forget where they left their keys,
or what they had for lunch last Tuesday.
But some things are just burned into our memory
This is the case of Setember 11,2001.
Everyone remembers what they were doing the
exact second the news broke.Some may have been
getting kids off to school. some were
getting ready to head to work.

My husband is in the U.S Army and for me the
attack was not only a tragedy, IT WAS PERSONAL!
The first time I heard this song, it really struck
a cord with me. It for me, is the new rally cry for
our great nation.

The one year anniversery of September 11th is fast
upon us.We should all reflect back on that terrible day.
A day the sleeping giant awoke. A day that will not
ever be forgotten nor will the images,faces
and the names of those that were lost.

This lantern burns in memory of the lost souls of
September 11,2001. It will continue to burn untill
those responsible are made to pay for the horrific
acts they have commited upon the United States of America.

Terrorists wanted to change America, And guess what... They have!
There is a new found patriotism in our land and it is spreding
like a wildfire out of control.Everywhere you look
you see flags. You see them on buildings, cars,
even on t-shirts and hats. There is another big change
in America as well, and that is the way we view
eachother. We are not just a people anymore we are

Little Did She Know Tribute ~ Tribute for 9/11

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God Bless The USA