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The term "demons" was not always understood to have the absolutely negative connotation that it does today.
Homer used the terms "demons" and "gods" more or less interchangeably.
Another opinion was that demons were intermediaries between men and gods, and that demons had once been men. Plutarch speaks of "human souls as commencing, first heroes, then demons, and afterward as advancing to a more sublime degree."
Philo of Byblus seems to draw on this same tradition when he states that, "The most ancient of the barbarians, especially the Phoenicians and Egyptians, from whom other people derived this custom, accounted those the greatest gods who had found out things most necessary and useful in life -- and had been benefactors to mankind."

Our current use of the term "demon" is to denote a malignant spirit, and comes to us primarily form New Testament writers. However, there is still uncertainty as to whether or not demons are considered to be distinct and separate from the Devil and his fallen angels.

List of Demons
Acham - the demon of Thursday.
Alrinach - demon of shipwrecks.
Alocer - demon in astrology.
Any - the presiding demon of Hell.
Anamalech - the demon of bad news.
Andras - the demon of discord.
Aquiel - the demon of Sunday.
Arachula - evil spirit in the air.
Ardad - demon that leads travelers astray.
Ascaroth - demon of spies and informers.
Astaroth - one of the Chief Devils, sometimes spelled as Ashtaroth. Astarte is its female.
Baal - one of the Great Demons.
Bechard - the demon of tempests.
Bechet - the demon of Friday.
Behemoth - the demon of animal strength.
Belial - demon of the Sidonians.
Beelzebub - one of the Princes of Hell.
Braathwaate - demon of Ignorance.
Bucon - the demon of Hatred.
Byleth - one of the Kings of Hell.
Cheitan - demon born of Smoke.
Lanithro - demon of the air.
Lucifer - Light-bearer.
Mastiphal - one of the Princes of Darkness.
Saalah - demon that entices into the woods.
Tenebrion - Spirit of Darkness.
Verdelet - demon who carries witches to Sabbath.

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