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Eric Wright

"The Hip Hop Thugsta, Eazy-E"

Since 1990 when I first heard Boyz N Tha Hood, I was hooked. Buying anything related to N.W.A and Eazy-E. Around 1993-94 I discovered, The Ruthless Radio Show. I listened religiously at every word said and every song played. It was a real treat to hear Above the Law, Kokane, Eazy-E and many other non mainstream artists on the radio. It was not comon to hear their music on the airwaves, similar to how it is today. My favorate memories of the show were hearing Eazy-E speak, And listening to DJ Yella, and Julio G mixing it up on the turntablez.

Even though those dayz are now gone, this sites goal is to keep the memory of our beloved Eric Wright Alive, and give him the respect and tribute He deserves.

Eazy-E Rest In Peace

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