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Brief History

Clark Savage Jr. was born on November 12, 1902 on a small schooner in a shallow cove at the north end of Andros Island, Bahamas. Clark Sr. and his exploration partners Hubert Robertson and Ned Land had been searching for sunken treasure in the area. The rough seas of a storm made the birth more difficult for Doc's mother, Arronaxe. Clark Sr. had named the vessel the "Orion". It is fitting that Doc was born on a vessel named for the great hunter of mythology. Doc would go on to become a fearsome hunter of men who had become like animals. The storm got worse, and shortly after Doc's birth, in the darkness of night, the schooner was dashed on a reef and began to break up. Clark Sr, Robertson and Land struggled to get Doc and his mother to safety. The sea was too violent, and in the darkness Doc's mother was separated from the group. Arronaxe, weakend by childbirth was lost. Doc was to be born into a world where he would be raised by men

At the age of fourteen months, Clark Savage Jr. was entrusted to a board of scientists to begin the rigorous training which would prepare him for a very special purpose in life. The elder Savage held the belief that with the best training science could offer, his son could be molded into a higher level of human being. A man of the highest morals with a mind and body developed to the greatest degree humanly possible for the purpose of bringing good to the world. Clark Savage Jr. would be that man. With the loss of his dear wife, his son was now all the family Clark Sr. had. He was determined to leave this world a legacy of hope.

For nearly twenty years various specialists trained and taught the young, Clark. The boy was gifted with a maturity that was well beyond his years. By the time he was seven, he was able to understand the purpose for his life. He studied and trained with determination. He developed a sense of self image that was inspiring to his mentors. The boy had a genius mind, and by the time he was eleven he was ready to begin college level material. Since the age of fourteen months, physical trainers worked with him daily. His diet was scientifically regulated to achieve optimum performance. He received training in various forms of athletics and self defense from experts in these areas. He was routinely pitted against two or three larger boys, then taught how to overcome them. Each time he succeeded, he was then given a greater challenge by being bound first or some other means of disadvantage. Clark loved to fight. He lost many, but he learned fast. With practice he learned to control his fear and also urges to be cruel. He was taught acrobatics by circus professionals. He become creative in the way he handled opponents. By the time he was twelve he was 5"-6" and 150 lbs. He could whip 8 out of 10 grown men.

From the age of thirteen to nearly seventeen, he was traveling the globe. From one master to another he learned the skills he would require to meet his purpose. This is just some of what his boyhood travels included-

Winter survival techniques from fur trappers in the Canadian snow


Animal tracking and woodcraft from an Amazon indian tribe.

Flying instruction from the best pilots in the world at the time.

Diving and sea lore from Polynesians in the South Seas.

In India and Tibet he studied yoga, hypnotism, emotional control and how to block his mind from the affects of pain. He also trained extensively in the martial arts of personal combat. It was here that he picked up the unique habit of unconsciencously making a peculiar trilling noise during moments of stress or concentration.

In Indochina he learned how to prowl through the jungle with stealth by observing the movements of the great jungle hunters the Jaugar and Tiger. In Africa he met his cousin, The Seventh Earl of Greystoke, who trained him in the art of using trees to travel above the jungle floor. Learned vocal imitations and ventriloquism from the Great Lander To develop his other senses, Doc spent several weeks in a school for the blind, eyes bandaged except for daily exercise periods.

He attended a school for the deaf & dumb where he learned sign language and lip reading. Jimmy Valentine and Arsene Lupin taught him how to pick locks and open safes.

Concurrent to his training, he was studying the flora, fauna, geology, archeology, history, culture and languages of all these regions

Doc's training was interrupted in April of 1917 when the U.S. declared war on Germany and entered what was being called "The Great War". Due to his size and maturity, and faked papers, he was able to pass himself off as sixteen and join the Army. His mentors went into a frenzy when they learned of what Doc had done. Secretely however, they were as ready as Doc was to put his training into practice on the great evil of the Huns. Doc's father yielded considerable influence with certain diplomatic figures in Washington, D.C. and was able to see to it that Doc was assigned to an air squadron, where he flew a Spad fighter. Clark Savage Sr. had been keeping track of his son's progress and was confident in Doc's remarkable abilities.

Doc reported to his squadron in France in late fall of 1917, just after his 15th birthday. In March of 1918, after six successful combat missions he was shot down over Germany during a balloon-busting sortie.

After returning from the war in 1919, Doc entered medical school at Johns Hopkins University. He graduated and received a M.D. in 1925. He spent the following two years studying in Europe under the greatest neurosurgeons and psychiatrists. In the fall of 1927 he returned to New York and began his experiments in brain surgery. After six months of intensive work he discovered what he called the "Crime Gland". By the fall of 1928, Doc had developed a method to counter-act the imbalance in this gland, which causes anti-social and criminal behavior. The Crime College was then secretly built in Upstate New York. It opened for "business" in 1930

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