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Piper and Leo

Piper and Leo have seen their own ups and downs....from the beginning when they first met...Leo pretended to be a handyman and did odd jobs around the house, unknown to Piper he was their whitelighter...Phoebe was actually the first to find this out....and suprised doesnt describe it.
They have been thru many things....furies, wendigos, demons, darklighters, even Piper breaking up with Leo to date her next door neighbor Dan. Leo had just about given up on her until in the episode Awakened, he went against the Elders and healed Piper from dying from a very rare disease. The Elders clipped his wings for that. so all of a sudden, Leo was just a regular guy....who was now in competition for Pipers love against Dan. We all know Leo won, but that wasnt the end of their troubles....losing Piper in All hell breaks loose, him and Phoebe make a deal with the source to turn back time to save Piper, in the end to only lose Prue.
They thought this was the end for the infamous Charmed ones....until they met Paige, their other sister, 1/2 witch...1/2 whitelighter. Piper was NOT happy about this, esp. since that made her the oldest sister.
Then in the end of season 4....the Angel of Destiny offered them all a chance to go back to leading normal lives, having fulfilled their destiny...which they ended up telling him before he goes, he makes a comment about Piper and Leo's future.....meaning our Piper....was pregnant!!! Which brings us to now.....