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The Psycho Charmed ones website

get this gear!

So, as you can probably tell Im expanding....I realize I have WAY too much time on my hands but this site will be as awesome as my other one....or so I think and hope....this way I can get more pics....Im *such* a picture ho....*grins* I had to add another page for the episode pics so on page 2 it starts out with a witch in time. *s*

Check back in a few to see MORE of me and my Psycho Charmed ones!!! *licks your cheek*

Im finally getting the couple pictures on my site, and also Im doing Season 5's episode pictures as well. All credit goes to the original owner of the pictures. I am merely an obsessed Charmed fan who admires and loves everyone on the show....still wanna sue????? Get in line, no cutting either! To the back you go.....last I heard it was backed up 5 miles that way. Thank you for the interest in suing me and do have a great day...*eg*

Im adding season 5 quotes as you read....or whatever, all thanks to my *neice* Rin on the WB boards....she copied them all just for me and I love her to death for it!!!! **massive hugs for Rin**