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The WB Charmed family

So we were a tad bored over the summer, my internet twin and I....we adopted some of the people from the boards....even though we are ALL one big happy Charmed family, here's the list of the immediate ones...Ill add all the kids kids as soon I know....and anyone else I forgot.

LaDonna and Susan are twins and the mommies....the daddies were very very bad so we froze them and put them in the closet along with any mean evil step mothers. Now we arent sure what the daddies did....but if youre more explanation is needed, if youre a male...well you SHOULD know.....anyways we are nice enough to unfreeze them long enough for the kids to see their dads.....and theyre okay with that. Dont confuse them, it only makes it worse...*kidding*

Also we just found out that Susan, Fred, Red and I are quadruplets!!!!!! Watch out we come.....*looks back* well the others are moving kinda slow but we WILL conquer and RULE.....all the chocolate :)

Our brothers and sisters are:

Hallie: destiny2swim
Krizma: Krizmafaith
Faith: Tasselledorange
Mike: P3 240X
Bill: Nxsinfnty
Joker: Jokerhatespacey
Ric: CharmedRic
Poncho: PonchoBanana


LaDonna's Kids:

Liz...(Piper adores leo)
Keith.. (Daba11er)

2nd Generation......

Liz's Kids:

Lauren (charminglilpiper)
Kristina (StarStruck51989)
Jess (acharmingrainbow)
Nick (creulevilboy)

Cayla's kid:
Michelle (blackflame104)

Von's kid:
Amanda (GurlSoccerStar88)

Angel's kid:

Kerri (CoolpeepK)


Susan's Kids:

Jess (DeCharmedGal)
Sam (SwimmingSam289)
Dani (LilShortAngel18)
Kit (Kit3338)
Stevie (Charmed in mn)
Cat (LkittCat)
Amanda (Ace080483)
Leslie (Pwruv3inMe)
Jules (poppjul3)
Mia (Clarksbluesuperg)

2nd generation...

Jess's Kids:

Leah (RockerBabee333)


Fred's kids:

Ttr4s: Rin
Iverfan89: Meg
Anglbaby2sweet4U: Sam
Mauihono14: Braiden/Pono
Skimmersg: Kimmy
JACK (Spell gone wrong)
Heidi (heidibabe007)

2nd generation....

Rin's Kids:

Maria (charmedPrue4ever)
Diana (dhoffman)

Meg's kids:
Chris (dizzy7432)
Abby (P3princesscc)

Kimmy's kid:
Didi (charmed41)


Red's kids:



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