Sex, Lies, Cassettes, and Digi-Destined

Chapters Five  & Six

By: Robster80

Author's Note:
(Robster80 is finally caught by Matt, Sora, and Tai.)

Sora: Now we got you, you-.

R80: Uh, I don't mean to cut you off, but aren't we missing one pink-haired babe?

Matt: (Looks around) Hey, he's right. Where's Mimi?

(Gotsumon enters.)

Gotsumon: Hey, guys. Has anybody seen TK or Kari?

Tai: They're probably in the bedroom, again. (And they better be using protection, or TK's gonna wish he never met me!)

Gotsumon: Uh, no... last time I saw them, Mimi and Kari were chasing TK. I also overheard the girls shout something about a threesome?

Matt & Tai: O.O T-Threesome?!?!

Sora: Ssh! Listen!

Sounds of bed banging and Mimi and Kari moaning/screaming come from above.)

R80: @.@ Guess reading that one threesome lemon wasn't such a hot idea after all. (Starts running again.)

Matt & Tai: GET BACK HERE!!!!!!! (Run after R80)

Sora: That boy just can't seem to stay outta trouble with those two. (Angrily faces Gotsumon.) Now, as for you locking me up in that closet-.

Gotsumon: WAIT A MINUTE! Somebody has to do the disclaimer.

Sora: (Crosses her arms.) You got 2 minutes.

Gotsumon: 'K. (Faces audience.) Robster80 does NOT own Digimon, etc. TK and Kari are 17, and all you who hate Takari, Michi, or Sorato lemons, or lemons in general, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!! There, I did it. Bye! (Runs away quickly.)

Sora: You little-! (Chases Gotsumon.)



Kari was in the shower after breakfast, still thinking of how TK had proposed to her earlier that morning. She gently scrubbed her body, almost erotically. He asked me to marry him. Takeru asked me to marry him. Her hand stopped over her heart. Our relationship keeps going further than either of us would've thought weeks ago. We made love yesterday and last night, and now he's asked me to marry him. My heart is pounding so hard. "Oh, Takeru!"

"Kari, are you okay in there?"

TK's voice made the girl's eyes snapped open as her right hand quickly came up from her vagina. I gotta watch what I'm doing! "Yes, I'm fine." Although

I almost masturbated recalling our first two times. She finished her shower, then exited to see TK brushing his teeth, just as nude as she was.

TK smiled at Kari as he held out a towel to her. She smiled back as she took it and began to dry herself. She checked to see if TK was having a boner, which

he was, but he ignored it. "Don't get any ideas," he said before rinsing his mouth out. "Save it for tonight. I'm trying to resist myself."

Kari pretended to pout, but then a wicked grin crossed her lips. As she passed TK, she playfully hit his butt and then broke into a run. "Hey-!" she heard him

call to her before she slammed his bedroom door closed. She didn't realize where she was until she saw the bed. Suddenly, the door opened and TK stepped in. He grabbed Kari by the arms and pinned her to the bed, her arms over her head. She grinned at him, and he back at her. "So, you want to play rough, do you? Okay, your choice: either we do it now quickly and not tonight, or we wait until tonight and go on for hours. Mind you, we left the condoms in my mom's room."

Kari leaned forward. "How about a blowjob?" she said seductively. "That's all I want until tonight."

"No." TK's throbbing cock told him otherwise, but he resisted.

Kari leaned even closer, even though her arms were being pinned back. "Then how about we make out nude?"

TK thought about it. "Just make out? You promise?"

"On my honor as a Digi-Destined and your lover."

"Deal." TK then relaxed his grip on her.

Feeling less resistance, Kari freed her arms and wrapped them around TK's neck, pulling him into a kiss. He put his arms around her body in a loose hug and positioned his lower body away from hers, determined not to go any further than kissing. Both mouths opened and their tongues met in erotic battle. The make-out session lasted for over ten minutes before they broke finally.

TK went to get some clothes for himself. "Satisfied now?"

Kari watched him dress. "A little, but I think I can wait for tonight." She then walked out towards her room to get dressed.


TK used his spare key to get into the Ishidas' apartment that early afternoon. He had knocked four times, but there was no answer. "Matt? You in here?" He made his way to the living room when he saw someone enter. The red hair told him it was Sora, and he quickly shut his eyes before he saw anything more.

"TK!" Sora exclaimed when she saw him. Why is he-?

"Don't worry, Sora. I didn't look, I swear!"

Sora was about to ask him what he meant when she then looked at herself, and blushed. She wasn't wearing any clothes. "Thanks, TK. I'll get something on and-."

TK cut her off. "Could I see Matt for a sec? That's all I want."

Sora smiled and exited the room to get Matt up. "Wake up, lover! TK's here to see you."

TK heard rushing footsteps coming towards him. "TK," he heard Matt's voice. "Did you see-?"

"No, I looked away before I saw anything. Can I open my eyes now?"

"Sure thing, kiddo."

TK looked to see Matt in some boxers. "Just how many times did you two go at it in the last 12 hours?"

Matt playfully hit his brother upside the head. "That is none of your business... unless you tell me about you and Kari, that is. How many times have you done her?"

"None of YOUR business, bro. I'm just here to get the money you owe me. Remember you borrowed from me for that one necklace for Mimi... or was it for


"Shut your mouth! I'll get my wallet and be right back." With that, Matt left the room. Sora then came in, wearing one of Matt's shirts and his shorts. "So, how is Kari?"

TK sat on the couch. "She's fine. We're going grocery shopping soon."

"I see. Tell her that I want details about you two in bed, no excuses!"

"Just as long as I don't have to explain to Matt or Tai."

Matt returned with his wallet. "All I want to know is did you use protection?"

TK took the money and counted it with suspicion. "We did. Hey! You owe me 20 yen more, you cheat!"

Sora, who had her purse nearby, took out 20 yen and gave it to him. "Now he owes me. Get going, you! It's not nice to keep a lady waiting."

TK thanked Sora and ran out.


Mimi and Tai were watching a movie together at the Kamiyas' apartment. Mimi was petting Tai through his shorts while his one arm was around her back and his hand on her one bosom. Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and they groaned. Tai let go of Mimi and got up. "Tell whoever it is to come back later," he heard her call to him. He opened the door and saw Davis standing outside.

"Tai," Davis said. "I need to talk to you about yesterday. I want to know about GJ and Kari, and what Mimi had said."

Mimi overheard him and slapped herself in the face. "Me and my big mouth," she muttered.

Tai was a little nervous, but said, "Actually, Davis, I'm a little busy at the moment."

Davis looked in to see Mimi. "Uh, stop me if I'm wrong, but how come you're with Mimi instead of Sora?"

Tai got mad. "That is none of your business, Davis!"

"They're lovers, Davis. That's why he's not with Sora."

Both boys looked to see Kari standing near them. "Tai, I just dropped by to get some of my money. And if I'm missing even one yen, I'll tell everyone about

you and Mimi sleeping with each other in secret." Without another word, she walked into the apartment towards her room.

Davis ran after her. "Kari, wait! What about yesterday with you and TK, and what Mimi said? You owe me an explanation."

Kari stopped and faced him, but not before shooting a glare at Mimi. "I suppose you're right, Davis. Since you are my friend, you are entitled to one. As of yesterday, TK and I are dating. I love him and he loves me. We've been in love since we first met, but never realized it until recently."

Davis absorbed what she said, but he was hurt. "And what about..."

"What Mimi yelled out while chasing us? It's true. TK and I are also lovers, and we've taken the precautions necessary so that I won't get pregnant. Also, TK asked me to marry him this morning, and has given me time to consider it fully, though I accepted his proposal."

Davis hung his head. This is a nightmare!

"And Davis? Nothing you say or do will ever make me leave him. Even if you try to set him up with another girl, I'd find out about it or see right through it. I trust TK because I've known him for longer than I've known you."

Davis' head was still lowered. "I understand... but that doesn't mean I have to like it." With that, he left without a word. I've lost her. In one morning, I lose the girl I'm crazy about to her best friend and his bed.

Kari went into her room and got some of her money. When she returned to the living room, Tai stopped her. "TK really ask you to marry him?"

"He did, but he just did it out of the blue. No ring. He's also given me enough time to back out if I want to."

Mimi sighed. "Aw, that's so sweet of him!"

Kari glared at her. "Mimi, if you ever blab about my sex life ever again, I'll make sure you'll never feel Tai's manhood inside you ever again!" With that, she stormed out. Tai and Mimi watched her go before looking at each other.

"Is she serious?"

"Last time she gave me that tone of voice, it was after I set her up on a date with Davis. She even broke my favorite soccer ball to show how serious she was."


Davis sulked all the way to Yolei's store. He was hungry a little due to his depression, and figured he'd grab some candy or chips. She saw him enter and immediately rushed up to him, seeing his gloomy expression. "Davis! What's wrong?"

Davis looked at her. "Kari and TK are lovers," he said in a low voice. "As of yesterday morning."

Yolei gasped at this news. That explains the chase yesterday, or at least Davis, Matt, and Tai. She looked into Davis' eyes and saw his tears, causing her to let her emotions get the better of her, and hugged him gently. "I'm sorry." She had wanted Davis to get over Kari so she could try and date him, but this was not at all how she wanted it to go.

The hug surprised Davis a little, but he returned it. "Thanks, Yolei." She's not Veemon, but she is my friend. "I just stopped by to grab a small snack."

Yolei looked at him and said, "Tell you what, my mom's gonna take over in two minutes. Why don't you wait and then we'll go out for something bigger?"

Davis raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Why, Yolei, are you saying you want to go on a date with me?"

The purple-haired girl blushed slightly. "Uh... actually... yes?" Just then, her mom came in. "Just give me a sec or two. I need to use the ladies' room real quick." With that, she dashed into the back.

Davis watched her go. You know, she's kinda pretty. Maybe if she would lose the glasses for some contacts... Just then, he heard the main door open, and looked to see TK and Kari walk in, hand-in-hand. They looked at him in surprise as he smiled at them.

TK wasn't sure what would happen. Kari had told him about Davis being at her apartment earlier that day. Was he up to something? "Uh, hi, Davis."

Davis still smiled. I can forget about Kari. "Hey! Don't mind me. I'm waiting for Yolei to get back so she and I can have lunch together." As he said that, Yolei came out, wearing simple clothes, but she had put in her contacts. Davis looked at her and was awe by her revealed beauty.

Yolei walked up to him and held out her hand. "Ready?"

Davis simply took her hand into his. "Ready."

Yolei then looked at Kari. "And Kari? I expect full details about you and TK." With that, she led Davis past the stunned TK and Kari, and out the door. Who knows? Maybe I'll pull the same thing on Davis. Hee hee!

Kari and TK blushed at Yolei's comment. "Uh, let's just get the stuff we need and go before the whole town finds out about us."


They both separated with a basket, to get the groceries they needed for tonight, plus a few more condom packs just in case. They checked out separately, but then walked home together.


TK finished lighting the two candles on the table and sat opposite of Kari for dinner that evening. They had prepared several dishes: rigatoni and sausage coins in meat sauce, steamed mixed vegetables, garlic bread, and chicken curry. For dessert, there was a small batch of brownies cooling on the stove.

"You're a good chef," Kari said after taking several bites of the pasta. "Guess that means you'll have to do half the cooking when we tie the knot."

"No more," TK said before having his second piece of garlic bread. "No less. Your cooking puts mine to shame, though."

"I didn't think you knew how to cook, honestly."

"After the last time Matt cooked me something, and nearly poisoned me, I figured I'd better learn or else. The jerk actually used some meat that had green fuzz growing on it."


After dinner was eaten and the dishes washed and put away, the two pulled out "The Mummy" and began to watch it. TK offered Kari some gum, secretly to counter the garlic in her breath as well as his own. She knew that was his plan, but gladly accepted.

As they watched the movie, Kari kept moving closer to TK. Her hand was on his chest, but soon begin to slowly move down to his stomach and didn't stop there. Meanwhile, his one arm had made its way behind her back and his hand was closing in on her hair. Her hand still moved down his body even after she felt his fingers running through her hair, until it landed on his member. She began to pet him through his pants as he stiffened from her actions.

"Kari, this is the best part of the movie!"

"That's your opinion, TK. My favorite part is near the end with the final battle, not where the Mummy first comes to life. Besides," she purred. "Can either of us help it if you're sexy?"

TK raised an eyebrow as he smiled. "Or that you're horny?" They leaned in and kissed passionately. TK blindly hit the off buttons on the remote, turning off the TV and VCR. "Okay," he said as they broke off. "Now you're in for it! I'm gonna screw you for hours!" As he said that, he quickly grabbed her and picked her up to carry her to his mother's bedroom.

Kari pretended to struggle, laughing a little. "Oh no!" she cried in a fake scared voice. "Not that! Anything but that!"


The clothes practically flew off TK and Kari as they began to French, despite the remaining taste of garlic in their mouths. Kari then lifted herself onto him, wrapping her arms and legs around him, and pressing her crotch against his. This made his member ache, longing to be released.

TK slowly put Kari onto the bed so he could remove the last of his clothing: the boxers. Seeing this action, Kari got onto her knees and took his shaft into her mouth, her tongue swirling and sucking at full length. TK, moaning from pleasure, carefully placed his hands on Kari, trying to slow down her bobbing rhythm. He wanted to enjoy the blowjob while he could.

After Kari had her drink of his cum, TK picked her up and put her back onto the bed. Kari slid out of her undergarments before pulling TK onto the bed and on his back. "Here's something Mimi told me to save for last," she said as she positioned her vagina over his mouth. The sweet smell caused TK to slide his tongue into her as he grabbed her ass, pulling her closer. Kari gasped at the entry, but then began to hump, felling his tongue slide in and out of her. She began to call out his name softly until she came all over his face.

"I could get used to that," TK said as Kari moved her flower from him and cleaned his face again with some tissues. When she was done, he forced her gently onto her back to suck on her tits. She moaned louder this time since he was being a little more aggressive, but not very. He then moved his lips to her other breast, not wanting it to be left out, and causing Kari to continue her symphony of moans. She reached down and squeezed his cock back into hardness.

This made TK stop his suckling. Time for the condom. He put one on, but Kari then hugged him as she kissed him hard. She lowered herself onto his dick all the way and sighed with content, letting the warmth of her pussy engulf it. "I love you," she cooed as she began to hump again, more slowly this time.

"And I you," TK said as he began to roll his hips to match Kari's motions. They hugged each other closer as they continued to make love, but their moaning became louder and louder as they neared their climax. Finally, their orgasms struck, and they shouted one final moan in unison, still hugging even after the heat of passion.


Both teens looked to see Mrs. Takaishi standing in the doorway, looking very cross. One though crossed both their minds as their eyes widened: Oh shit!

End part 5

Veemon: Uh-oh! TK's mom came home a few days early!

Gotsumon: You sure you know what you're doing, boss?

R80: Nope. But that hasn't stopped me, yet.

Veemon: Nor has two certain angry older brothers.

(Kari and Mimi enter the room.)

Gotsumon: So, how was the threesome?

Mimi: Quite... (Sighs.) Satisfying.

Kari: After we got TK to stop struggling, that is.

(TK rushes in.)

TK: LIARS!!! You faked everything just so you could play a joke on Tai and Matt! Well, I told them everything, and they're looking for both of you right now.

Mimi & Kari: WHAT?! (Run out of the room)

Veemon: Oh boy!

Minutes later?

(A tired and angry Robster80 stands over Matt, Tai, Sora, and Mimi, who are all unconscious. TK and Kari rush in.)

Kari: What happened?!

R80: I had enough of them chasing me, so I decided to fight back. (Holds up a pot.) I practically won the war alone, no thanks to you two and those two chickens of Digimon I know. Now, to finish this here series and be done with it!

TK: Too bad. Kari and I were having fun.

R80: Yes, you two were busy doing each other while I got stuck with the chases and beatings. For that, I ought to make YOU write a lemon fic with Sailor Mercury and me. Or better yet, I'll stick you two in a Daikari and Junkeru lemon.

TK & Kari: You wouldn't dare-! (Both get knocked out by R80.)

R80: Enough is enough! I'm finishing the disclaimer, then the fic, and finally go get some well-earned rest. (Faces audience.) I do not own Digimon whatsoever. TK and Kari are 17 in this fic, and that's close enough for me. If you are under 17 or are offended by lemons, Takari, Michi, Sorato, or Daiyako (Davis and Yoeli to you American fans), then GET OUT OF THIS FIC! "ROLL IT!"


Nancy Takaishi sighed happily as she made her way to her apartment door. Her out-of-town meeting for the weekend went quicker than she expected, and had come home early to surprise her son and his friend, Kari. I wonder how they got along together for yesterday and today?

Mrs. Takaishi checked the door and found it locked for the night. She used her key to get in. I hope they didn't do anything foolish. I'm not ready to be a grandparent anytime soon. She was only making a joke, but she soon heard several moans coming from inside the apartment. She stopped in her tracks upon recognizing the voices of TK and Kari, then shook her head. Why am I not surprised?

Suddenly, she realized the moans were coming from her room. Putting her suitcase down, she walked over to the open door and saw her son and his best

friend/new girlfriend/lover climaxing on her bed. Her face immediately went red. "TK!"

The two teens were shocked to see Mrs. Takaishi standing in the doorway, her arms crossed. What was left of TK's erection had faded immediately at the sight and sound of his angry mother. "M-m-m-mom?!"

Kari quickly got off of her lover and pulled the bed sheet over her body and his. "Mrs. Takaishi! T-this is a surprise!"

"You got that right!" Nancy said as she took a step inside the room. "Both of you get dressed, then throw my bedclothes and TK's into the washer immediately! After that, you both march into the kitchen and join me at the table!"

The teens quickly did as they were told, after TK had removed his used condom first. They threw the larger bedclothes in first, then joined TK's mom in the kitchen. Both of them were red with shame. Mrs. Takaishi looked at them hard, her arms still crossed. "Now, first of all, how many times have you two had sex?"

TK hung his head a little. "Counting where you walked in... three times in the past two days we've been here... plus one make-out session in the nude this morning."

"Okay. Have you been using protection all three times?"

Kari answered this one. "Yes, Mrs. Takaishi. And for the record, I seduced TK in the first place."

"Thank you. Finally, how many times have you had sex in my room?"

"This was the second time. The first was in TK's room."

"As I thought. Well, Kari, I have no intention of telling your parents yet." The two teens looked at her in shock as she continued. "As long as you keep using condoms... and never use my room again." She watched as both teens nodded in agreement, the red slowly draining from their faces. "Good! Then it's settled. I figured you two would eventually get together like this, but I was hoping not for another year or two."

TK sighed with relief. He had expected much worse than this. Kari then raised her hand. "Uh, does this mean that Takeru could possibly get a larger bed for his room?"

Nancy looked at her. "We'll talk about it later. By the way, kids... Kari gets TK's bed and he gets the sofa. You two had enough fun for one night. And Kari definitely goes home after breakfast tomorrow."

Both teens sighed heavily. "Yes, mom."

"Yes, Mrs. Takaishi."


Davis desperately gripped his boxers, the only clothing still on him, inside the darkened motel room. He had never thought that Yolei would be this forward with him yet in their new relationship. He watched as she seductively removed her clothing one by one until she was only in her panties. She was still wearing her contacts as well. "Uh, Yolei, aren't we going a little too fast?"

The girl took a few steps towards him. "Davis, I'm trying to help you. You do want to get over Kari fully, right? Then this will definitely cure you."

"B-but I don't want you to get hurt if-."

Davis never finished as Yolei finally tackled him to the bed and removed his boxers before she began to suck his cock. The sensation she was giving him made him finally surrender to his desires. Regretfully, he forced her off him to kiss her and foddle her surprisingly perfect breasts, causing her to moan loudly.


The next morning, Kari finished packing her belongings, much to her and TK's bitter regret. The party was over for them, at least for a while. They were lucky that they were still getting off easy with TK's mom as they were. He was even allowed to walk her home.

The two left the building in silence: TK carrying Kari's suitcase and Kari her book bag. "At least we had one more night together," TK said. "Even though my mom showed up at the end."

Kari nodded, but said nothing. They soon came to her apartment and unlocked it. TK was about to leave when Kari tackled him to the floor. Her on leg then kicked the apartment door closed, the automatic lock going off upon closing.

TK was both aroused and surprised at Kari's forwardness. "Kari! What if Tai walks in-?"

Kari shook her head and smiled. "He won't. I called him before we left, and he said he'd be over at Mimi's today while their parents are away." She then reached down and squeezed his balls through his shorts before continuing in a seductive tone. "This gives us a chance to make love one last time before the weekend's over. Take me to bed, Takeru, or lose me forever."

TK smiled as he grabbed her ass. "Show me the way." He then got up and carried her towards her room, Kari giggling all the way until she was dropped onto

her bed. She watched as TK reached into his one pocket and drew out a condom. It was as if he anticipated this from the beginning. She took the little packet from him and placed it on her nearby desk.

The two of them undressed each other slowly until they were both nude, then proceeded to kiss. Kari pulled TK onto her bed and began to lick his chest slowly, causing him to groan a little. She trailed licks and kisses down until she reached his cock, then began to suck it as her fingers gently played with his sac.

TK's groans became louder from Kari's actions. He put his hands on the back of her head and gently pushed her, physically asking her to take more of him in her mouth. He wasn't disappointed. "Oh angel," he cried as he came.

Kari didn't stop licking and sucking after TK?s orgasm. She kept going, sucking harder and now squeezing his balls, driving him crazy with everlasting pleasure.

Finally, she drank his cum for a second time and then stopped. "Did you like that?"

TK said nothing but turned her over, kissing her hard with his lips and tongue. Once he was atop her, he trailed kissing all the way down to her pussy. He

gently used his fingers to open her lower lips and then proceeded to eat out of her, his tongue quickly finding her clitoris. His hands moved to her bosoms as he did this, massaging them and pinching her hardened nipples.

It was Kari's turn to moan loudly as she released her nectar into TK's awaiting mouth. For once, he didn't get so much on his face as before. His lips then trailed up to where his hands were and began to suckle her tits. This didn't last, though, for TK then moved so that he was underneath Kari, his limp penis squished between their two bodies. His hands flew down to her womanhood and he put all of his fingers into her.

Kari gasped. She hadn't expected him to do this. "T-Takeru," she softly cried. "T-t-this is t-t-t-t-torture!"

TK didn't stop, but instead begin to nip at Kari's neck and earlobe while his fingers moved in and out of her. It wasn't long before Kari shouted, "OH YES!!!!!!!" as she felt a powerful orgasm rip through her body. Feeling TK's stiff dick behind her, she quickly moved under him and began to jerk him off hard. "Now see how you like it," she said in a teasing/loving voice.

TK could only hold on for the ride as Kari's strokes became harder. It was so hard that some of his cum shot into his face, just below his left eye. Kari saw this, and quickly licked it off for him while she cleaned the rest off with tissues. Her hand that was still around his cock squeezed him to keep it hard as she reached for the condom. After putting it on him, she got out from under him and proceeded to impale herself to the hilt. "Now for the finale."

Before Kari could begin, she felt herself being turned over and soon found herself underneath TK again as he began to pump in and out of her. It was slow at first, then his pumps became faster and harder, driving her crazy. She began to hump him to keep up as she frantically cried out his name repeatedly until she felt herself cum for the third time. "TAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEERRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUU!!!!"



The shout made TK fall out of his bed, waking him up from his wet dream. "Ow! What's the idea, Matt?!"

Matt shook his head as he walked into the guest room at his apartment. "You were supposed to be up a half hour ago, for one thing."

TK looked at the clock and realized he had indeed slept in. "So? It's summer still."

Matt sighed. "Well, I have to go pick up my date. And TK? Next time you're dreaming, don't sound like your being fucked by a goddess."

I'll remember that next time you're in bed with your girl, TK thought as Matt left, leaving him to get dressed. He then noticed that his boxers were stained, and sweatdropped. The dream kept replaying in his mind, especially the parts with him and Kari together. He grew sad. "So, was it all just a dream?" he asked himself. "That Kari and I aren't lovers, or even dating, in real life?"

Suddenly, two gentle arms wrapped around his body from behind. "Takeru Takaishi, you know as well as I do that it was only two weeks ago we shared our first four times together! Even if it was a dream, then I hope neither of us ever wake up." It was Kari.

"Hey! What brings you here?"

"You promised me a day to ourselves today, remember?"

TK smiled. "So I did. Let me finish dressing first and-."

Kari turned him around and gave him a sneaky look. "Not just yet," she said while pointing to the cum stain on his briefs. "First thing we do is get you cleaned up. Of course, I can also make your dream 'cum' true, if you know what I mean."

TK simply pulled her into a kiss and then onto his bed.

The End


(Veemon and Gotsumon enter. TK, Kari, and the others are still out cold. R80 stands over Tai.)

R80: And where have you 2 been when I needed your help?

Veemon: Playing your new game. What happened here?

R80: I decided I had enough and knocked them all out.

Gotsumon: I see. You mind if we-?

R80: Go right ahead! There's plenty to go around.

(Veemon and Gotsumon stand over Matt and TK.)

Veemon: Too bad they're only out cold. They'd look great alongside my moose head.

Gotsumon: Two root beers, bartender!

Veemon: I'll take two of those myself. Say, boss, why the quick ending?

R80: I ran out of ideas. At least TK and Kari won't complain after that last scene.

Gotsumon: Is that humanly possible, though?

Veemon: This is a fic, dummy. Matt does that to his girl, and Yolei's been trying do the same with Davis to keep him from getting Kari.

R80: How would you know?

Gotsumon: How can he sleep these past few nights with those two banging all night?

R80: Point taken. Well, that's all the lemons I'll be writing for now. I hope you readers like it. And, by the way, THIS WAS NOT A DREAM! Sorry for the confusion. Ja ne!

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