Memories...A Scrapbook of AnimeIowa

This page is dedicated to a primarily pictoral record of my time at the ever wonderful AnimeIowa Convention. I met many people there, and hugged just about all of them, too (hey, they're very friendly people). None of the pics are ones that I myself took because I didn't have a camera, but I'll be scouting for them in the weeks to come and will have a link to every site I peruse. There will also be comments and a few stories about what happened there.

And for those who are curious, the link to the official AnimeIowa site is here. BTW, don't mind the first 'pic' that won't load. It's just the code sitting there so that I can just paste it in where I need it. Makes things so much easier.


One guy from school...
...and another guy...
Ami and her friend, Jen, dressed up as Sailors Pluto and Saturn, respectively.
My friend J-chan as Sailor Neptune...she's gonna kill me for this >:).
My friend Albert, believe it or not. He was in the Cosplay.
A girl whose name I'm blanking on...she's the one dressed up as Naga.
These are all people I know, except for Jen. She's one of the ones that I met there. She's one of Ami's friends.

Here's some other people that I met at the Con:

This was one of the best and cutest Eds at AnimeIowa.
a guy dressed up as Kaji from Evangelion. He was one of the Male Glomping Service guys. Ain't he somethin'? He even called me his Misato! Eeek!
This guy too. He's soooo cute, but he had a girlfriend and once she showed up, I couldn't glomp him anymore...(Grrr grump grump).
THIS is Turtle. He's the sweetest thing, and really funny! You should've been there when he was ranting and raving about Yu-Gi-Oh! It was hilarious!
Now, THIS guy....Junpei himself wasn't very attractive, but HE is! I didn't learn his real name, so I just called him Junpei for the rest of the Con. He also helped to beat the crap out of the Yu-Gi pinata (Pics later, although they don't show him beating up the pinata just yet).
Another set of Sailor Senshi, with Chibi-Usa. Ain't she just the cutest thing?! I got my picture taken with her, and that will be emailed to me eventually.
If you look past the Spike guy, you can see someone else. That's a Cosplayer dressed up as Gendo Ikari from Evangelion. What's significant about him is that not only did I hug him, but I hugged him because he had a "Hug me for the 3rd impact" sign on his back. I couldn't resist.
I hugged this guy too. Isn't it a good costume? His sword of Light even telescopes on command. How cool!
I hugged him! Kodamas are so cute!
I saw the Totoro and couldn't stop myself. So yes, if you're reading this, Totoro-guy, I'm the insane chick who ran up to you right after you came in cooing "Totoroooo....!" and hugging you....Heh...
These are two different pics of the same guy in two different costumes. The first is Ranma, and the second is Marron(thought it was Mousse, huh? I made the same mistake). He's a really nice guy, and the costumes were great!
I about laughed my ass off when I saw this guy. No Chi Chis running around, though there was....
...a Vegeta in the pink "Bad Man" shirt. He told me that he made the hair himself. Hilarious!
These three came in with the Gourry pictured above. Great costumes, and they were in the Cosplay, too!
This guy (yes, guy!) was running around after the Cosplay. Yikes!
This was one of the many Vashes running around...and he's pretty cute, ne?
There's a reason the picture's titled as it is. Mrrrrow!
A couple of really good costumes of characters from Clover.

Here's some of the Cosplay people, and some other random costumes that I didn't necessarily meet:

...I think this is a guy, too. A lot of cross-dressing occured here.
I have no clue who that girl was supposed to be. But Turtle, part of the Male Glomp Service actually glomped the cardboard cutout! Too funny!
This woman dressed up as Shido from Nightwalker. She even had the angry vampire eyes!
A family from Jirai. The little girl was Sasami, and her mother was Tsunami. I don't know about the others.
Here's a close-up of Sasami. Kawaii desu yo, ne?
Fuuma and Kamui from X/1999. And what a couple of hotties they are!
She was in the Cosplay. She's from a game on the Playstation called Valkyrie Profile. It was soo pretty, her moving across the stage and the music and the costume and everything!
Here are my friends that were in the Cosplay. The blond is Ami as Legolas, the short girl J-chan as Arwen, and Albert as...someone...Yeah, from The Fellowship of the Rings. They're panicking and screaming about how horrible something is...
...Jen as someone, also frightened...
...the evil is approaching at this point. The group runs away screaming as who should appear...?
"Mini-Moon! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"
...pretty scary, ne? I don't remember what song they were dancing to, but it was odd nonetheless.
Vash stumbles out and is quite obviously drunk. He yells, "Love and Peace!" before passing out for a second.
Here comes Wolfwood with his Compact-size Confessional...
...and the missus.
Hmm...Does Vash have something to confess?
Apparently, Mrs. Wolfwood does!
Hee hee...Kill kill! Just before she died she had said "But I didn't tell you to kill me!"

Here are some pics from the Pinata Smackdown:
Here's Chibi-Moon taking a whack at Togepi. I kept screaming at this one chick to lower it down so that she could hit it, because it was too high up for her.
So when the woman ripped it open and the candy fell out, the kids went nuts. I'm surprised that she didn't lose her hand to that mob :). It was so cute and hilarious!
This is the pinata that a few lucky people got to beat up. I was talking to one of the guys who got to do it before it all started...
...and this is what he did to it. Ha ha, Yu-gi!
Someone else trying to crack him open like a bad egg...(BTW, look at the guy about to hit 'em, then look behind his arms. The girl in the glasses right behind him is me!).
The damn whacking stick broke, so someone actually got a tire iron to use. Yu-gi, ahem...broke under pressure.
This is where the pinata finally went down. The Junpei guy was actually trying to clobber it and punched a huge hole in it before he literally got trampled.
The rush for the candy!
This is what he looked like afterwards.
The aftermath. Very violent...for Yu-gi >:).
Some very happy customers walking off with bits and pieces of Yu-Gi. I had grabbed one of his hair spikes when he went down, but I left it at the hotel, along with some other stuff.


Friday is when I arrived with some of my friends. For anyone with a pretty good memory, I was walking around in regular clothes wearing yellow oni horns on my head. We splintered off for the most part, and I wandered around meeting people until I spotted more of my friends. We started walking about, and even collected most of the Sailor Senshi for a group picture! Me and J-chan especially were walking around just to see what all was there. At one point my friend Albert, the one in the big black cloak with a black face cover, had me lead him around the dealer's room, since he couldn't see past 5 feet in front of him. After a while his hand on my shoulder was getting really creepy, and I wanted to go somewhere else, so I tried to dump him off with a guy that had come with my other group of friends. Albert protested silently, and in a way that made me feel just a liiiiitle bit violated. Let's just say it had to do with some of my more...noticable...assets. But eventually I did get him off of me. We talked to people and complimented them on their costumes (most of which being better than mine...-_-;), and of course noticed most of the hot guys.

As the evening wore on someone that Jessica knew joined us and we made our way to the Consuite. And what a Consuite! The amount of good food defies words. This is the place where we met the majority of people that we talk to. While J-chan was drooling over one guy, I was drooling over a really hot guy in a Tidus costume. But we wound up sitting and talking to a small group of people, including, but not limited to, Turtle, A.K.A That One Guy, A.K.A That Guy W/ the Turtle, and Hamster, A.K.A the Corporate Whore (He was running around with a sign promoting Panda Rage Press), a girl dressed up as Lulu, and the one guy Jessica liked. We all talked about different things, such as mine, Andy's and J-chan's comic, different animes, and of course, Turtle's rant about Yu-Gi going through triple puberty and how everyone must be a moron not to notice that he'd gotten about 2 times his normal height and stuff. You had to be there. That's also when we met the turtle that gave him his nickname. It's name was Tama-chan, and of course was included in many jokes, including some poor passerby getting humped on the leg. If I'm remembering correctly, that is (Turtle, help!). At one point during our conversation, Jessica thought it would be a good idea to see if she could yank one of the many belts off of the Lulu girls' costume.
So she did.
And with that belt, Tama-chan was thus strapped to the head of That One Guy, who took on a glorious transformation into...


Heh. Gomen. Got a little goofy there.
So anyway....he started walking around with the turtle on his head. And got pretty famous for that. But more details in the Sunday section.

We had known that there would be a dance there, so eventually most of us (excluding Turtle and Lulu and a few others) made our way down to the room where it was. It was pretty amusing at one point when I told Hamster offhandedly that I would dance with him. He started sputtering and said:
"Wow, really? Oh,! I have to go get my friends now so that they know I'm not making you up!"
Well, I did keep my word, and met some of his friends, one of which was encased in a sleeping bag for random reasons. It was pretty rediculous, 'cause he was complaining about how hot it was in there.

It was some time after that when I was fetched by the friends I came with so that we could go home (I swear I'm going to reserve a room so that I can stay there next year!). Conclusion: An absolutely wonderful start to a wonderful convention.


I come back early Saturday. I wait for the others. And as I'm waiting for the others to show up, I run into none other than Turtle and the Male Glomp Service. To say I was one of their best customers is to say that the inside of a volcano is warm at best. They of course had signs advertising their services and listing the other two. Turtle had become a member a little bit after I got there, and of course he was glomped...sufficiently >:). Well, when you're one of the official demonstrators, you kinda have to. There were a surprising amount of people asking what a glomp was.

It was about then that my friends and I (And more of my friends showed up that day, BTW) were inspired to create signs and collect hugs on our own. It wasn't an exact spinoff of the MGS, in fact the signs quite simply read:
So it's quite possible that I or one of my friends hugged you. Soon we were seeing 'Hug Me' signs everywhere. We started quite a trend. Not to mention hugging so many people was so much fun!

There was hanging out with my friends, ingesting near-dangerous amounts of Pocky and Ramune soda (which is fun as hell to open, BTW), playing DDR 5th Mix in one of the rooms, and of course patronizing the Consuite several times. It was almost an unspoken, common meeting place for everyone. Basically, if you were looking for someone, and didn't mind killing time eating and talking to random people, you could stay in there and eventually the person you were looking for would show up. I kid you not.

Ah, the Pinata Smackdown. It's mostly described in pictures above, but I can tell you some stuff here, too.
I was talking to this one guy with the curly blond hair and the green shirt, and he was one of the guys who got a chance to smack Yu-Gi (technically it was Yu-Gi-Oh, but Yu-Gi sucks, Yu-Gi-Oh is cool). I yelled at him to take out an eye, and as you can see above, he did. It was mostly falling off, so when Junpei started pummeling it is when everyone mobbed the pinata. And in that mad scramble I managed to grab a piece of my own. Junpei got trampled, and poor Turtle got kicked in the face! He is OK now, at least. Like I said, I got a spike, but I didn't get candy at first, but then a few really nice guys gave me handfuls of it...Turtle being one of them : ). I displayed my spoils of war with pride.

The time of the Cosplay rolls around, and I wind up being in the Cosplay Simulcast Room. No offense to the people who worked on it, but I couldn't hear shit for many reasons, and because I was in the back, couldn't see very well. So whatever pics are up on this page of the Cosplay is generally what I saw of it. I eventually left and just wandered around with some other people, consisting of: Turtle, Adam (A guy we meet at the Consuite), my BFF's little sister, and the Junpei guy that I wound up meeting earlier that day. Then when the Cosplay was over, I went down, talked to some of my friends, and hugged more people, including two girls dressed up as Chi from Chobits- one in black, the other in white. They were so cute! They hug really hard, too.

Soon after that the same girl that was dressed up as Lulu on Friday instituted an impromptu Cartwheel Contest. I didn't participate for good reason, but even Tama-chan got in on the action via Turtle himself. The Ed pictured above won because she also did the Worm. She was lifted up onto some people's shoulders and then promptly cried out: "Ed wants pudding!" It was too fun. Since at least one of the people I originally came with stayed, I stayed too. I even stayed up all night wandering around. There were still people in the Consuite talking. I had been in there earlier that night, about 10 or so, and they were talkig about hentai. I went in close to 5 or 6 in the morning, and they were still talking about hentai. And my friends think I'm single-minded.

Conclusion: A very fruitful day when it came to the hugs, the food, and the fun!


So along came Sunday. The end of the Con. Not too much happened this day, unfortunatly. Left some stuff, and had to go early because the others were leaving. Sad.
I said that I would elaborate on something from the Saturday section. Well, it was this: There were these girls who were passing out this sheet of Anime character deaths. I wrote down "Gourry-Held the Sword of Light incorrectly", and the same girls also gave Turtle a sheet with his picture drawn on it and their comments written, too. I told him that he had a fan following. I think it's mostly Tama-chan though, unfortunatly. I'm still in contact with several people from the con, Turtle included, and he's a fun as hell guy. STOP OBSESSING OVER TAMA-CHAN DAMMIT!!!!!

Conclusion: Way too short.


Me and my friends are already planning for next year's convention! Here's a list of who I could possibly dress up as (or Cosplay):

  1. The Dancer character from Final Fantasy Tactics (My friends say that I look a lot like her!)
  2. Maho from DDR 5th Mix
  3. Naoki from DDR 5th Mix
  4. Nae from our comic, The Unholy Terrors
  5. Those are my choices so far. The list may expand as time goes on.
    We're going to do other things, too. I'm fully intent on saving up enough money to get a room, possibly from Thursday night to Sunday morning, and I'll be chipping in for another room where we will hold a room party, mostly anime viewing and such. Also, I want some cool stuff, so I'll be saving for that, too. Might even buy some artwork from the Art Gallery.
    Some things to look for: More 'Hug Me' signs, and flyers and buttons advertising "Veggeto: El Presidente". Possibly some "Will glomp for Pocky and Ramune" signs, although if I have enough money, that will mostly be my friends doing that.

    This will also change with time, as plans get altered and such.


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