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Cecil Beaton, who had had many sittings with most members of the Royal Family, had the honour of making the official portraits of the Coronation, just after the Royal Family returned from the long Coronation procession. In the most official of the pictures, the Queen sits in the throne (not the one she had used at Westminster Abbey) and has the Sovereignís Orb and the Royal Sceptre on her hands. The backdrop depicts the royal shrine of St. Georgeís Chapel in Windsor.

In this beautiful colour picture, against the backdrop of Westminster Abbey seen from backwards, the Queen sits in the throne and wears the Imperial State Crown and in her arms it is possible to see the Armills, which she was given by the Commonwealth. Her Majesty and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, in uniform of Admiral of the Fleet, both wear the Collar of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, which they both received from King George VI ahead of their wedding in November 1947.

An elegant picture of HRH the Duke of Kent and HRH Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent. The widow of King George VIís younger brother, the Duke of Kent, wore the same jewels she had worn to the Coronation of her brother-in-law in 1937. She wore robes of Princess of the Blood. Her son, HRH the Duke of Kent, wore the robes of Royal Duke and at the Abbey he wore the ducal coronet.

The Gloucester Family is depicted at Buckingham Palace after the return from Westminster Abbey. From left to right: HRH Prince William of Gloucester, HRH the Duchess of Gloucester, HRH Prince Richard of Gloucester and HRH the Duke of Gloucester. The Duke of Gloucester, who went in horseback behind the Gold State Coach during the processions, wears his robes of Royal Duke and the ducal coronet. The Duchess wears the robes of Princess of the Blood.

The stylish and elegant Kent Family poses for Cecil Beaton with their attendants at the Coronation. Third from left, HRH the Duke of Kent has by his side his younger brother, HRH Prince Michael of Kent. On the right of HRH Princess Marina is HRH Princess Alexandra of Kent, also in robes of Princess of the Blood.

A remarkable picture of Her Majesty the Queen posing with her Maids of Honour. They were: Lady Mary Baillie-Hamilton, Lady Jane Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Lady Jane Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, Lady Anne Coke, Lady Rosemary Spencer-Churchill and Lady Moyra Hamilton.

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