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Colourful picture of the departure of the Gold State Coach from Westminster Abbey, after the Coronation service, the beginning of an unrepeatable cortege through London, with thousands of soldiers and dozens of carriages, which included the British Royal Family and Commonwealth leaders.

The Gold State Coach passes through Trafalgar Square, in front of the Admiralty Arch and continues its way towards Regent Street. Hundreds of thousands loudly cheered their new Queen, in the first grand display of pageantry since the end of World War II.

Impressive air view of the cortege, or what was the end of it, since before this thousands of soldiers would already have passed through there. As it is understandable from the picture, the cortege would cross the same street again, then in the horizontal.

Two remarkable colour pictures of the cortege, which depict well the fact that even if most of the pictures we have make us imagine a rather dark event, the Coronation was everything but dark and the cortege was an immensely colourful one, given the variety of colours of the British and Imperial uniforms.

An image which might have come from a fairytale as the Gold State Coach, accompanied by the footman, goes through the cheerful crowds of hundreds and hundreds of thousands.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh inside the Gold State Coach during the long procession. The structure for the Orb and Sceptre is clearly visible. The Duke of Edinburgh wore uniform of Admiral of the Fleet.

After an unrepeatable cortege full of pomp and ceremony through London and almost five hours after having left for her Coronation, the Queen, wearing the Imperial State Crown and carrying the Sovereignís Orb and the Royal Sceptre, arrives back at Buckingham Palace, where she was expected for the official photographs and for the appearance on the balcony.

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