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Her Majesty the Queen walked from the Coronation Chair to deliver the Jewelled Sword of State to the Dean of Westminster, at the Altar, after she had received it from the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Queen wears the Supertunica. On the right, the Archbishop dramatically lowers St. Edward’s Crown over the Queen’s head.

Impressive view of Westminster Abbey at the moment of the actual crowning of Queen Elizabeth II. On the picture on the right, the Mistress of the Robes, the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, lowers her coronet while she watches the crowning, and above, in the royal gallery, Princess Margaret, the Princess Royal and the Duchess of Gloucester do the same.

The Queen received the benediction from the Archbishop of Canterbury after being crowned. Her Majesty wears St. Edward’s Crown and had the Sceptre with the cross in one hand and the Sceptre with the Dove on the other.

Seating in St. Edward’s Chair and having the Bishop of Bath and Wells on one side and the Bishop of Durham on the other. In the picture it is possible to understand the magnificence of the Imperial Robe, embroidered with the rose, the thistle and the shamrock.

After the enthronement ceremony, the Queen begins receiving the homage from her subjects. First, the Archbishop of Canterbury paid his homage, kneeling in front of the Queen, while the Bishop of Bath and Wells and the Bishop of Durham kneeled one at each side of the Throne. Seating in the Quire, on the right, was Prime Minister Churchill.

Looking from the Royal Gallery in the middle of his grandmother, the Queen Mother, and his aunt, Princess Margaret, HRH Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall, looked immensely bored even if he arrived only for the crowning itself. The Queen Mother wears the Garter ribbon and the family Orders of King George V and King George VI.

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