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One definition of Hard Science Fiction is that it follows known science or adheres to current theory. So you won't hear about "hyperspace" or "transporters" or get no explantion for why most aliens are humanoid. Evolution is after all a pretty choatic affair and any real ETs that we find are likely to be very weird indeed, unless someone felt like taking matters into their owns hands....... On each page are links to other web sites that explain such things as wormholes and gravity drives in more detail. You may think such things are in the realms of the crank but when NASA puts taxpayers money into investigating such things then perhaps the universe is going to be a very exciting place! (....and I would feel safer if the US government where spending money on warp drive rather than building cruise missles, make love not war!)

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Technologies and Theories

Warp Drive
Supranets and the Cyberverse
Relativistic Travel
Theory Of Origin
Galactic Entities, Soulships and Sentient Probes
Genetic Engineering