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My Favorite Links

Here are a number of sites I visit regulary and recommend to those who think on the same lines as me (yes, thats both of you!)

Orions Arm. The inspiration for this site and a bit of a legend in some areas!
The Onion, how the news should be told!
Twisted cartoons from the mind of Max Canon
Big Ideas, Grand Vision. A worldbuilding site created by Anders Sandberg. Its realizations of various star systems are quite relevant to this site and it is very good!
Lungfish Alpha- Michael Becks' Twisted Far Future Universe, like Orions Arm on acid while reading 2000AD!
The ArcBuilder Universe by John M Dollan; Similar site to this, some handy classifications of exotic worlds (definitions which you will find being used here) Check it out!
Some of the pictures that brighten up this site where made by Kevin Williams. This is his site.......

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