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·       2020s First Humans On Mars, First independent colonies on Luna, first Space Hotel. Widespread genetic tweaking of organisms and though illegal some humans as well. Earthlike worlds discovered around many nearby stars by orbital telescopes, most notably Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti, Epsilon Eridani and Epsilon Indi. Internet terrorism throws USA into economic and social chaos.

·         2030s Near Earth Asteroid Midas nudged into orbit by joint American-Japanese venture. Over 10,000 people on Luna. Fusion power becomes practical and uses mainly Luna He3.Widespread meteorological chaos across Earth. Multi-national provoked war starts in Central Asia with most major nations having some stake. Nuclear bomb detonated by extremists in Kashmir, but a nuclear strike is averted. The Internet is accessible to almost in all but the poorest nations. Most people in the industrialized world own and live by their Electronic Personal Assistants.

·         2040s First Contact, Repeated laser signal received emanating from Blee Homeworld (Tau Ceti) Quantum Tunnelling communication later used to communicate instantly. Information exchange reveals the Blee to be curiously humanlike in appearance and psychology. First colonies on Mars, small-scale terraforming projects start.

·         2050s Inertialess Drive utilising Zero-Point Energy perfected opening up the solar system. Cheap energy and raw materials from asteroid and sea mining allow most nations to achieve a relatively high standard of living. Some areas of the planet though now abandoned due to flooding or extreme desertification. The "Final Frontier" finally becomes a practical alternative to life on Earth. Extra-Terrestrial population jumps from 500,000 to 5 million by the end of the decade

·         2060s First relativistic probes to nearby star systems. Dialogue with Blee open and friendly, proposals to link both species supranets quashed by Earth governments. First conflict in space, 29 people killed as a Brazilian mining craft is destroyed by a Chinese ship detonating a nuclear device on asteroid 5398 Chloe. Luna and Mars declare themselves independent of Earth in response. Mysterious artefact found on Pluto, numerous nations send ships to investigate almost causing an incident until the UN steps in

·         2070s Ti`Thal civilisation discovered by laser pulse transmissions from 36 Ursae Majoris. Dialogue reveals a humanoid civilisation that has started to colonise interstellar space. Mars and Luna openly link supranets with Blee in one of a long list of defiant moves against Earth and its Orbital protectorates. First manned relativistic ship to Alpha Centauri. Journey takes 12 years but due to time dilation the crew only experiences half that time and most are in hibernation. Life expectancy vastly extended to around a projected 200+ years but only those wealthy enough to afford process benefit on Earth while on Mars, Luna and other independent nations throughout the solar system citizens have it guaranteed. Hydrocarbon based life found on Klein`s World and a simple nanotech ecology found on Sirius Prime

·         2080s Expeditions launch for Epsilon Eridani, Epsilon Indi, Altair, Sirius, Barnards Star and a diplomatic envoy to Blee. The Blee launch a similar expedition to Earth amid fears of "invasion" by more backward Earthers. . First direct mind/machine interface developed.

·         2090s The Alpha Centauri expedition reports the Earthlike world Elysium to be an Earther paradise. Costly but popular colonisation programmes set up by richer nations. Ese and Irodian civilisations discovered at war in the Zeta Reticuli system (called Alue by its inhabitants) Nanotechnology becomes widespread. Its use causes chaos on the interplanetary stock markets as some products become incredibly cheap to produce. Construction begins on Earth on an Orbital Tower.

·         2100s Due to continued environmental stress most people live in vast cites and sprawls protected from hurricanes, flash flooding, forest fires etc and food is either hydroponic or made in clone vats. Reports from other expeditions show many worlds to be surprisingly comfortable for humans to live on.

·         2110s Construction of many new large space habitats in and around earth orbit. Probes sent out to most stars within a 30 l.y. Sphere. First colony ship, the Mayflower arrives at Alpha Centauri. Diplomatic envoys arrive in Blee and Sol System. Blee envoy, wary of Human media values largely avoids the press but learns much of Human society. Envoys proposed to Katorage (36 Ursae Majoris) and to argue for peace in Alue.

·         2120s Superstorm cell lashes South East Asia, thousands killed and tens of millions left homeless or unemployed. It is estimated over 50 million people now live in space.

·         2130s Carter-Shanghi corporation takes control of Philippines, other small nations hard hit by hyper-unemployment and environmental chaos follow suit while their citizens trapped in slums retreat into artificial realities to escape the grind.

·          2140s Outbreaks of net chaos in Japan attributed to a Singularity type Artificial Consciousness flexing its digital muscles. The success of the colony ships launched in the 2090s entice more to follow, hundreds of thousands sign up for a new life outside of Sol.

·          2150s Minimal environmental protection need on Mars, first lakes appear. First truly self-aware AC (called HAL!) addresses the world. Back on Earth many nations continue to fractionalise into city-states surrounded by anarchic bushfire zones, heavily guarded farms and resorts, floodplains and dustbowls.

·          2160s Some extrasolar colonies use illegal cloning genealtering and gestation techniques to boost their population and create new cultures. Others move away from traditional "Federal" systems of government to new forms such as the Techno-Socialist Unity of Sirius , the libertarian policies of Delta Pavonis and the Technoanarchy of Iota Persei.

·         2170s Joint Blee/Human diplomatic effort brings peace to Alue. B`Hamid vs. Earth test case ends in legal rights for Artificial Sentients. First successful "uplift" geneering on three species of apes and one species of dolphin. Most uplifts find themselves born into contracts with corporations. Earth’s mega-corporations become synonymous with the state and extend their influence to the Colonies. Begin privately funding expeditions to new star systems.

·         2180s Mars becomes completely habitable. Terraforming of other worlds is spurred on by its success, notably on Apollo (Epsilon Eridani 3d) and Einstein (Alpha Centauri B II) Most people choose to have cybernetic systems implanted in their body to cope with the hectic and competitive nature of modern life.

·         2190s Blee Proposal for a " Community Of Advanced Civilisations " accepted through most worlds (notable extensions from Earth and its allies) Evidence of DNA from carbon-based species across explored space reveals curious similarities leading to Centauri Institute’s Theory of Origin (ToO).

·          2200s Treaty of Elysium, after a decade of legal wranglings, petitioning, netwarfare, propaganda, controversy and finally open-minded common sense the Community comes into being as a supranet entity.

·          2210s First Extrasolar conflict at Epsilon Indi between Indian and Chinese settlers on Xanjing and Ghandi. Theory of Origin applied to Blee, Ti`Thal and Aluien evolution causes widespread controversy amongst non-humans. Community comes into force as a forum for debate on ToO and to settle disputes on colony worlds. A few colonies (notably          2220s Most citizens benefit from some sort of genetalioring (as opposed to simple tweaking to purge a defective gene or resistance to disease) The mega-corps attempt to license such genealtering falls under shareware versions of new DNA available on the supra-net. A secret Mega-corp backed mission to Beta Comae is launched backed by mainly North American units to regain control of its errant colony.

·         2230s Drexler Assembler type nanotech revolutionizes life from cheap consumer products through to construction and terraforming. Uplift ape species working for DNA Systems interests in the Beta Hydri system escape into the wilds of Eldorado and start to build their own colony. Legal battles ensue in new Community courts but fail as uplifts are given the same rights as others. 

·         2240s The small fleet of ships of the so-called "Comaen Liberation" arrives at Beta Comae but after some initial success (including the infamous "Freetown Massacre") the invaders are defeated by guerrilla tactics and netwarfare leaving only a few crazed survivors in the wilds and radioactive debris in orbit. Community suspected in helping the colonists.

·         2250s Experiments in Warp Travel by a pan-system collective venture provide its first prototype FTL ship called "Enterprise” Further advances in warp drive allow first (small and expensive) FTL colony ships and probes. Technology leaked to non-human cultures through Community sources.

·         2260s While perfection of Warp ships continues relativistic vessels reach speeds in excess of .95c. Huge colony ships many kilometres long are constructed in the first true Interstellar Space Rush. Millions flee Earth’s corrupt and weather battered cities in search of a new life. DNA Systems security forces are beaten back by popular protest from the Eldoradans as they attempt to put a stop to the uplift colony. As punishment for the illegal action of DNA systems the Community in a move that angers other mega-corps breaks up the corporation.

·         2270s First interspecies dispute over territory between Human and Alueian colonists in Zeta Tucanae system. Community steps in and settles peacefully much to the displeasure of certain mega-corps and too late for some Alueian and sympathic human colonists who are butchered in the Battle of Davros River.

·         2280s AS von Neumann type warp probes explore most interesting star systems within 100 l.y. Warp ships continue to become more practical. Galactic Entity Truevudo encountered at Regulus defending the many habitable worlds in the system from meteorite bombardment.

·         2290s The Community moves from being a supra-net entity to real life with construction of headquarters beginning on Elysium (after much competition from other worlds) Wormhole discovered in the Alnair system (linking it to Xi Scorpii) along with four superb habitable planets. A rush to colonise the system ensues. Other wormholes are discovered later along with prime planetary systems where contemporary theory says there should be only proto-planets and asteroid belts.

·         2300s First colony ship arrives at Alnair, the warpship Lennon & McCartney led by the charismatic Lana Duchamp. The new Alnairian government proclaims system to be open to all but exploitative Mega-corps. Uplift species (both terragen and from other worlds) set up the Novagen Unity on Eldorado to protect uplift rights throughout space and to develop new cultures.

·         2310s Arcturus incident. Ti`Thal colonists are rounded up and kicked off the habitable worlds of Romulus and Remus by xenophobic humans. Community sends one of its first Destroyers to resolve the situation but is fought off by two ships from the NeoTech Corporation "in defence of human economic freedom"

·         2320s Under pressure from the local population and supra net attacks from sympathisers all over colonised space the Arcturian government collapses. Most of the ringleaders of the Expulsion are brought to trial on Elysium and sentenced to live out their days on Homeworld (in the Katorage system) under the scornful eyes of the Ti`Thal

·       2330s First joint Ese/Irodian colony on Harmony in the Regulus system. Multi-species colonies become the norm in the outer systems. The AS probe Trevor stops sending information and disappears. Many other post singularity AS disappear suit.

·       2340s Warpships now the primary mode of interstellar transport. A flourishing interstellar trade economy starts with only major systems like Alnair, Regulus and the newly formed Peoples Republic of Arcturus showing any sign of upsetting mega-corp monopoly of trade routes.

·       2350s Psi Serpentis closed to all but Welcome Projects stockholders customers and employees for colonisation. Causes outrage in the Community Concourse and claims that mega-corporations hold too much influence and power.

·       2360s After weapons programs of the more powerful systems predict the advent of antimatter devices, high energy beam weapons and relativistic projectile launchers, fears of future genocide wars laying waste to viable worlds the Community initiates the Community Defence Force (CDF), a progressive military force which is funded by and designed to protect all Community worlds from such future Armageddon’s. Surprisingly all the major powers agree to support it.

·       2370s Many developed systems start sister colonies further out to expand their culture, and economy.

·       2380s CDF becomes a coherent entity with its headquarters in Alpha Centauri. The Trans-Cultural Institute of Altair unveils the results of its 30-year development of a common language for all citizens of the Community. Comspeak (as those of an English tongue refer to it) is widely accepted and soon introduced as a secondary language for everyone.

·       2390s First "Old Space" world encountered. The frontier Sagre colony of Narma Perinous. Many systems start defence programmes when the true scale of Old Space is revealed (and the nature of the apocalyptic war which brought down the once mighty empires of the Velge and Sagre)

·       2410s First trade missions from various systems and organisations arrive on frontier Sagre worlds. Despite initial suspiousion (a lot of Old Space probes and ships went missing beyond Narma) the boost to the hyper-recession hit Sagre worlds brings joy and security to its citizens.

·       2420s Pirates from the rogue system of Nardane Quovas attack and destroy a freighter from Xi Scorpii killing 13 sentients. Community and mega-corp ships patrol the area to prevent future tragedy. Exclusive development rights to Rolze arranged by a consortium of terraforming and shipping line mega-corps who set up a libertarian state who then proceed to buy up its surrounding viable star systems.

·       2430s The first true "soulcatcher" device for copying the memory and personality of an organic individual comes into widespread use. The philosophical consequences cause much discussion as to whether copies are the true soul of an individual or a pale synthetic version of a person. Never the less many take the opportunity of immortality (albeit in an non-organic body) or a digital afterlife.

·       2440s The Tysaral Co-Operative agrees to support Community and mega-corp forces in their war against pirate and smuggler activity. Recession in the systems of Noraide blamed on uploaded dissidents from the Community hacking Noraide`s supranet. Eventually the truth of Noraide`s own greedy and inefficient leaders comes out causing popular revolt and closer ties with the Community (apparently the exact opposite of the ousted leader’s plans)

·        2450s Analysis of the Alnair wormhole leads to the creation of a new wormhole between Alnair and Pi Picis Austrini by engineers. A journey that would have taken three weeks by warpship is now instantaneous. The information for construction of wormholes is soon widely distributed throughout Community space but engineering wormholes proves costly. Narma Perinous officially declares it intentions to join the Community      

·       2460s Four Sagre Imperial Corefleets set up operations in the Sarac Republic to keep an eye on Community activities that the Houses believe to be subverting their far off interests. In retaliation to feared Imperial aggression the independent frontier states of Tysaral, Noraide, the Quariane Cluster and Meldola and Sanctori express interest in becoming part of the Community

·       2470s A probe ship encounters a Zarquon exploratory vessel whilst en route to the Pleiades. Despite little knowledge of the Zarquon Empire many groups and mega-corps set off to colonise worlds beyond the Hyades in hope of being a crucial part in future trade with Zarquon worlds. First diplomatic envoy to a Velge nation (Kalor Ia Lallond.) It is received with caution at first but ambassadors from more left-wing systems such as Sirius and Arcturus help negotiations.

·       2480s The Tysaral Co-Operative officially becomes part of the Community amongst protests from Sagre Houses that claim they have investments in worlds that have now been illegally seized.

·       2490s First non-humanoid intelligence encountered investigating Spica. The Mourno are given freedom of movement within Community space but politely decline to participate in the Concourse.

·       2500s Community ships intervene in a civil war in the minor system of Enwoar on the Tysaral border between the inhabitants and proxy forces of Sagre Houses due to atrocities committed by the ruling House mega-corps. Despite threatening an all-out trade war with the Community the Sagre Core decides it has more pressing wars to fight.

·       2510s Sarac rebels against the Houses by seizing the 567th Corefleet stationed in the capital system and calls for help from the Community in fending off retaliation. The Community’s use of the Wormhole network allows a massive force to quickly arrive to scare House forces into a humiliating retreat. Quariane and MelSanc follow Sarac`s lead and come under Community protection. The Sagre House AS Gonomarn MkVI defects with details of a Sagre supra-net offensive.

·       2520s AS probe ships long thought missing or transcended reappear in defence of the Community as supra-net incursions from the Sagre Core threaten hyper-recession and planet-wide system crashes. Contact with the Zarquon Empire is cordial despite warnings from Velges and protests from liberals of shocking abuses of sentient rights by the Zarquons on those species who fall under Zarquon "protection"

·       2530s Despite some shock incursions on the Supra-net (such as the Xi Scorpii Crash and the self destruction of the galaxy liner Spirit of Antares) and various hit-and-run strikes by Sagre warships (such as the infamous anti-matter strike against Hanadeus) House forces sue for peace at the Treaty of Noraide. Community influence becomes stronger in the region through re-development of struggling worlds and creation of new wormholes. Kalor Ia Lallonde becomes the first Velge nation to join the Community

·       2540s Wormhole discovered in the Bellatrix system leading to the Soirami Cluster. The cluster of around 5000 stars close to the globular cluster Omega Centauri is inhabited by Sagres, some descended from the crews and passengers of the many ships lost in voyages towards our Core and a species of vaguely reptilian bipeds called the Balalaban. Hundreds of thousands of Sagres set up colonies on the worlds of Bellatrix. The Free Ophaneian Sphere joins the Community despite radical factions among the Ophaneians worried about losing their freedom again. A terrorist antimatter device is detonated near a Community funded spaceport and wormhole in the Phistas system which kills more Ophaneians than Community citizens and brings the marginalisation of the nationalists.

·       2550s Diplomatic relations are opened with the Scree, race of humanoids who have colonised a sphere roughly 30 l.y. in diameter using relativistic ships. Unfortunately the colonies are engaged in an interstellar war which has been raging for 70 years (though the timescale is exaggerated due to the limits of relativistic war fleets)

·       2560s Large artefact observed in the Alpha Draconis system believed to be a Banksian type habitat 4 million klicks in diameter. Reports from Velges show a mysterious 1 l.y. "exclusion zone" around the system beyond which any vessels disappears down a wormhole which comes out at a random spot elsewhere in the sector.

·       2570s Community envoys bring peace to Scree space with the Treaty of Asellus Borealis , perhaps due to the skill of the negotiators or Scree awe of Community technology. Many recovering Scree systems express interest joining in the Concourse. Kalied colony worlds discovered by probes. The more extropian factions of Kalied society ( grouped under the term "progressivist")welcome the Community some wishing to take part in Community culture, trade, and society straight away while the Traditionalists are wary of the "decadent, anarchic and amoral" newcomers.

·         2580s Liberal radicals tired of conventional means of protest of Zarquon sentient rights abuses launch cyber incursions into the Zarquon supra-net causing quite serious disruption on the odd occasion. Mega-corp backed nations such as the Hyades Economic Federation and Cesola side with their trade allies in Zarquon space and bring legal proceedings against the anti-Zarquon groups.

·         2590s Kalied traditionalists release a virus that kills a few hundred Community citizens in the Kalied extropian world of Welos-Ja-Mont. A retaliatory hyper-recession designed to hit traditionalist worlds by some Community citizens looking for revenge is averted as the Concourse votes against aggressive action. The Tythane cluster joins the Community as its ruling House is overthrown.

·         2600s Wormhole leading to the Large Magellanic Cloud discovered in the Hadar system along with many viable worlds and swarms of rich asteroids. The Hadar Rush begins as many varied groups rush off to colonise and exploit. First Scree nations join the Community.

·         2610s Contact with various civilisations in the LMC reveal a large and ancient region of space populated by humans mostly descended from a 5000 year old highly advanced empire that was destroyed in an apocalyptic war with a tripedal non-humanoid race from the region of the massive Tarantula Nebula. Stories of weapons using Zero-Point energy that vaporised planetary systems and a deadly nano-virius that killed over a trillion humans within the space of a decade abound as millions pour through the Hadar wormhole to settle on the so-called "cursed worlds."

·         2620s Zarquon Empire establishes an outpost in the Beta Cesola system with the permission of Cesolan authorities to help "patrol" Xechian marauders. Protests by concerned citizens in the Cesola sector are quashed by mega-corps threatening lawsuits, sackings, seizure of assets and in a some cases covert use of physical intimidation. The Concourse is split on what to do. On one hand trade with the Zarquons has brought prosperity to a whole region of space but many liberals are horrified by Zarquon attitudes and abuse of sentient rights.

·         2630s A trade war begins with progressive anti-Zarquon nations such as the  Alnair Technoanarchy, Sirian Unity, Kalor La Lallonde and Regulus Harmony on one side and mega-corp dominated states such as Rolze, the Hyades EF, Psi Serpentis Alliance et al on the other. In fear of the overwhelming Zarquon economy swamping the progressive side trade relations are established with the Velge nations of the Veld Republic, Asritle Xiv and Narganna Xiv, the Molaia civilisation, and the Kalied extropians. Cybertages are committed by both sides amid fears of a Community Civil war but real-life hostilities are no more than fierce arguments and the occasional drunken brawl.

·         2640s Reports of a  Zarquon military build up along the cease-fire lines of the Xiv sectors and outposts in unclaimed space towards the Kalieds result in the mega-corp faction playing down their ties with the Zarquons, except in the Community sectors on the borders where a state of emergency is called in response to a supposed "threat to economic security.” Many citizens in the area are now openly hostile to the Zarquons. The CDF boosts its forces in the area by 500%. Cybertage between the Zarquons and Community begins to escalate into real-life destruction with such tragedies as the asteroid impact on Delos and the Aratirant Catastrophe. Some renegade AC probes and Galactic Entities sympathtic to the Community are spotted for the first time since the War with the Sagre Houses fuelling fears of a real-life war.

·         2650s In a surprise offensive the Zarquons launch a co-ordinated attack on targets in the Xiv sectors, Kalied colonies (both traditionalist and extropian) alleged pirate Community systems on the along the border and CDF bases towards the Hyades. Millions are killed though thankfully viable worlds are largely left intact as the Zarquon onslaught continues. Cesola is proclaimed part of the Zarquon Empire as Community citizens bravely turn to guerrilla tactics and resistance movements. A Zarquon fleet attacks the Kalied homeworld of Ensoti-Ia but is destroyed by the Galactic Entities Bomba, Mahcismo, and some allied AC probes. The Zarquons use surprise attacks on Wormholes to force a lightning strike towards the Community core but is turned back in a counter-offensive in the Aldebaran sector. After five years of running battles and then stalemates the tide of war finally turns as the CDF and its allies push the Zarquon invaders back while their occupying forces suffer terribly at the hands of the Resistance. The Allies battle beyond the original border and onto Zarquon worlds such as Xerled, Galverant, and the Villioppola Dominion behind a massive front of netwarfare throwing whole worlds into darkness and chaos.

·         2670s With a new Velge offensive building along the Zarquon border the Zarquons sign a peace treaty with the Community in which the liberated Villioppola systems become a de-militarised autonomous zone, the Xerled and Galverant sectors are handed back to the Empire and trade links between the Zarquon and Community are severed. The Mega-corps protest the lose of revenue but when Zarquon atrocities against Community citizens and the unfortunate “Subjugated” who have managed to escape Zarquon clutches are revealed they back down. War trials start with some powerful mega-corps being broken up and their asserts are given to the survivors of the war. Collaborators are sentenced to live out their lives in the radiation shielded domes on the planet Lucifer

·         2680s The hundreds of relativistic refugee ships fleeing Zarquon tyranny arrive in the system along the border. The Community’s Velge allies, tired of constant fighting and fearing a collapse of their societies and economies join the Concourse pulling them out of the horrendous Velge/Zarquon war. Probes discover the Rigel cluster. Relations are open and fruitful with the various species and factions in the area but Zarquon ambassadors and trade envoys conspire to Rigel threaten to spoil everything.

·         2690s The Molaia civilisation follows suit along with most Kalied traditionalist systems, wanting the protection of the now more powerful and veteran CDF. Meanwhile in the LMC a partnership develops between the Community and the Federation while relations with the other two superpowers become frosty as fears of a Community/Federation dominance of the LMC. A costly series of wormhole links is set up to link the Community to Rigel in efforts to open up the galaxy to Rigellian culture and trade. Meanwhile Community operated wormhole links reach deep into Sagre space despite wormhole technology becoming available to the mighty Houses.

·         2700s Velge Central attempts to subvert some of its former colonies and leftwing Community nations but fails. In response Community operated wormholes in Velge systems outside of the Concourse are closed down for a week. The Mellard Princebeing Narrube attempts to bring its kingdom into the Community but is turned down as it refuses to relinquish its dominion over the region. A number of probes investigating the abandoned worlds close to the Tarantula Nebula disappear after hazy reports of mysterious and powerful vessels patrolling the area.

·         2720s Reports from the far side of Old Space reveal a disturbing pattern of colonies dropping out of the Supranet. Ships sent to investigate reveal that the systems have been attacked by a powerful force of unknown origin leaving hundreds of millions dead. A defence force of the local powers is set up to combat the new threat. The Zarquon Archfiend Nucleon attacks a Rigellian colony killing thousands with his clone armies before disappearing towards the Orion Nebula, chased soon after by a ragtag fleet of former Archfiend victims from across known space. Colonists on the frontier world of Abala are infected with a mindcontroling parasitic species colloquially called the “Body Snatchers” The infected attempt to spread the “Snatch” to other worlds before they are stopped.

·         2740s The Galactic Entity Mighty Urandol warns the LMC of the return of the Tri`Ef`Ed but is largely ignored. The Community Magellan fleet leaves colonised space to investigate the series of Dyson Spheres near the dangerous hyper giant Eta Carinae. The journey will take 200 years but many jump at the chance to “go where no-one has gone before”

·       2750s The charismatic Ubron Zeckilli attempts to subvert many influential politicians in the Community into his personality cult. He his thwarted when he is revealed to be an avatar for a Zarquon AC. An allegiance of radical nationalistic Velge and Sagre systems along the old border arrive on the scene wishing to rebuild the old powers. Roughly translated as the “Phoenix Federation” they begin a policy of trade subversion, and in some cases outright invasion of systems. The old powers turn a blind eye to this events

·       2760s Bush fire wars along the Mellard/Federation border in the LMC erupt into full-scale war when the Princebeing Duchess Marlebron is assassinated in her palace on Marlebron Prime and the Imperium retaliates by attacking a Federation fleet at Castina. A number of Nur Clans ally themselves with the Imperium whilst the Federation calls on the Community for support. Rumours abound of some outside influence plotting to cause a massive war in the LMC

·      2770s The Present Day