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The Narmans display their forces to Community ambassadors in 2401AD. The leaders of Narma Perinous used every available ship that looked vaguely threatening in the parade to intimidate the newcomers


A Sagre frontier colony established by the House Babylishha Dynamic Enterprises (a rough translation) 70 years before the outbreak of the Great War. Designed to be the centre of development of the region and more importantly a staging post for investigations into the disappearances of many exploratory probes and independent colony ventures beyond what came to be known as the “Yasshima Dorma” or “Dark Frontier.”


 Despite fears of an advanced alien threat, possibly a rogue group of GE’s, a new isolationist House or even a Velge plot to outflank and conquer Sagre space the BDE was fuelled by dreams of exploiting the Narma region of space.


 Those whose chose to live in this region where always a paranoid lot, rumours of what lies beyond the Yasshima Dorma were rife and actually stimulated quite a flourishing spool industry (which later went on to be a big influence in the spools of the “Stellarwood” media industries of the Xephieze region later)


 Many citizens used any spare credits they could find to build personal shelters, stockpile weapons and provisions for the terror from beyond and take out extensive insurance policies should their homes and businesses be wiped out by some technological horror.


 This culture of paranoia and survivalism was of great boost to the local economy with the group minds of House Babylishha Dynamic Enterprises clever and rather cynically taking advantage of this by being the backers behind many survivalist enterprises.


 Despite their careful nurturing of the sense of paranoia amongst its colonists the BDE was always careful to avoid scaring the cluster too much for fear of causing panic and an economic shutdown as workers stay at home locked up in the basement or outside investors pull out.


 Also as the settlers of the cluster settled down to their new lives under the imagined spectre of the “Dark Frontier” a feeling of patriotism grew. What where rumours and the disappearances of a few hundred ships and probes when compared to the greater glory and expansion of the Sagre culture and economy?


 With the outbreak of the Great War however things changed in the cluster. It took almost a hundred and fifty years for the Velges to view the region as a potential threat. In the meantime the Narma cluster was becoming quite powerful as it supplied funds and resources to customers in the thick of the war.


 By the time a replicator fleet of Velge warships and drones set up operations in a underdeveloped F star protosystem some 20.5 light years from Narma Perinous itself the citizens of the cluster and its ruling House Mind had grown complacent and lazy with regards to its own security. The culture of paranoia had given way to a culture of war profiteers and retired mercenaries living on resort worlds such as Mannagoshia and Olm in the Narma Letingrash system.


 The Velge attack was swift and brutal. The Velge commanders of the fleet saw the Narma campaign as revenge for all the losses their comrades had taken and weren’t so much interested in invasion or subversion but reeking havoc.


 By the end of the War the Narma cluster had suffered it far share along with the rest of Old Space. Though the Narma Perinous system itself was never successfully attacked its support of its sister colonies or investments had bankrupted the House, its still quite formidable space fleets had to be mothballed until the economy picked up and shattered world such as Olm where rebuilt. Olm suffered particularly as the Velges discovered that Bangral's Marauders had retired to its decadent eroto-cities and the following vengeance was neither accurate nor pretty.


 Then in 2391 A.D. the AC probe Mercator IX arrived in the outermost colonised system of Narma Dellick V and the few hundred hardy settlers on the only inhabited world in the system reported back a first contact situation. The age-old fears of the terror from the Yasshima Dorma came to the forefront to the already hard-pressed cluster.


 Ironically thought the Community’s fears of what it had discovered where just as profound. A vast expanse of advanced space faring cultures who where fighting an apocalyptic war when the Terrans, for example where just inventing steam power and industrialisation, sent shockwaves across colonised space.


 What happened in the following tense few months is one of those moments which go on to define history for centuries to come, and the Community knew it. Their best diplomats where sped in the best ships available to speak with the House CEOs and group minds. They managed to placate the Narman’s fears that the Community were responsible for the mystery of the Yasshima Dorma (and to everyone’s relief those missing ships were later found in the Soirami Cluster) the diplomats and media-propagandists that where part of the mission also managed to convince many that their intentions where purely honourable. They were only interested in cultural and scientific exchange, a sharing of each nation’s history and values and most importantly to the Narmans, trade.


 To impress or intimidate the newcomers a parade was organised of all the mothballed ships from the War that still could move. Despite the shoddy condition that most of the craft where in after decades of neglect the Narmans had done a good job of cleaning up their war-fleet. A polish and a new paint job had done wonders to convince the Community diplomats that Narma was a powerful local force, though the true nature of the Narman fleet became apparent in later campaigns against pirates and extremists a few years later!


 In the eyes of the Narmans those idealistic and rather naïve Community beings where the economic salvation they where looking for. The Narma Cluster would be the primary route for all Community trade and they could grow rich by moderately taxing those routes and transactions. “Who knows,” speculated the Narmans, “if we grow rich enough we could take Community space for ourselves”, though later events would banish such notions to the realm of alternate reality spools and extremist rants.


 The Narman Cluster soon became enamoured  (or subverted, depending on your views) with Community culture, building stronger ties with the newcomers even supporting them in the complex politics that would follow as the Community spread its influence further into Old Space over the next few centuries eventually becoming the first major nation to join the Community in 2467AD.


 By then the economic rewards of actually having a voice in the Concourse and abiding by its declared standards and protocols where too tempting to the older generation of the Narma Cluster and its dominant House as life back in the Sagre core was becoming even more chaotic as different Houses and groups bickered for supremacy after the fallout of the Great War.


 Also the younger generation had for the most part grown increasingly enthusiastic about the Community way of life, its diversity and possibilities. It became a fashion of the younger generation (usually those born during or after the Great War) to trek around the Community systems for years on some kind of profound personal journey.


 Many in the old guard where becoming quite wary of the attitudes of their children but in time found some group within the Community that appealed to their nature (notably nations such as Rolze or Delta Pav.) Even the group minds of House Babylishha Dynamic Enterprises became one of the most fervent supporters of the Community in its Old Space members though some more paranoid and extremist groups regard this change as an example of the insidious hacking and subversions by pro-Community cyberians and ACs.


 The Narma Perinous system itself is quite a resplendent and populous destination today. The wealth brought by its important position in the new galactic order of post-war Old Space has funded many wonders. There are three habitable worlds orbiting the G0 class primary dwarf  (Narma Peri, Narma Botta and Bwendishra) with another world orbiting the distant K2 dwarf, terraformed after the arrival of the Community and called Concordia or as the local Sagres call it “Nimbritta” (or “Embassy”)