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Searching the internet for blinkies that fit ME :) is so much fun O:-)
I did not make all these blinkies, i did however make most all of the graphics on my blinkie pages.
I made most of the graphics under SOME of the blinkie sections, mostly the Sammy Hagar Section and the family page.
I made all the Princess Cher's Blinkies Banners at the top of each page.
I have collected only the blinkies that desribes *ME* and the things that i like and love.
Feel free to right click and save any that you want. Some people
just collect them and some use them
as email sigs, message boards, guestbooks, journals, and blogs
Enjoy O:-)

Blinkies I Have collected

Sammy Hagar Related Blinkies

Visit this link to see the Sammy Graphics that I made O:-)

Sammy Hagar Graphics Made By Princess Cher

**I got an e~mail from someone named Mindee and she asked me if I would
please post this blinkie on my site In Memory of "Doodle"
She wanted to be able to share this with all the ladies that have had the pleasure of getting to know her.**

It's my pleasure to do this for her...I happen to have diabetes too!
Please click the blinkie :)


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Page 5
(Dedicated to Family & Friends)

Go here to see the Graphics made by Me O:-)

Links to other Blinkie Addicts
that I got my blinkies from

Since June 9, 2003

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